Our Thai Amulet Videos YouTube Channel

CLICK HERE to see over 144 Thai Buddhist amulets in thumbnails at our YouTube Video page. Then you can click the image and go directly to our YouTube channel! Or, just go to our AMULET SHOP and find something now.

If you haven’t seen any of our videos, come and have a look and see what you think. Is the quality of our amulets up to par? Are we for real? This is one way you can check to see if we actually have the amulets we sell here at the websites. We have them, and we are happy to sell them to you for a fair price. The temples we purchase amulets from receive 10% of all sales that we make online, so buy as many as you can!

New Thai Amulet Videos Coming

We’ll be uploading some of our just-shot Thai amulet videos at the www.youtube.com/user/thaiamuletsales channel on YouTube in the next 36 hours. The videos of the amulets are more representative of the items we have because you can see them from many angles and the light just seems much better than with still photography.

If you are in the market for a new Thai amulet – check out our channel, or, page 7 of the Buddha amulets that we just added. There is a link for amulet videos there below each amulet we have video for.

Metta and best of karma to you!