New Luang Phor Tuad Amulets from Thailand

We were lucky to find a number of nice Luang Phor Tuad amulets on this recent trip across the country to find authentic amulets at Thai Buddhist temples (Theravada temples). Below are some of the LPT amulets we found and have in stock today. If you are interested in purchasing some of them, just email us at the address found at the bottom, after our amulet collection.

Buyers of All Luang Phor Tuad Amulets Receive:

  • Authentic amulet bought direct from one of our favorite Buddhist temples in Thailand
  • Free shipping and tracking service
  • Free necklace to match your amulet
  • Free blessed bracelets chanted over by the temple




A top selling amulet we are happy to find more inventory of. We have 3 of these Luang Phor Tuad Jatukam style gold on gold amulets. The one in this photo seems like maybe some of the Chinese zodiac animals are missing on the top. They have probably faded. The others we have are in great shape and we won’t sell you this one, unless you choose it. Item #JATLPT29. $59.95




This is a new color scheme for a Luang Phor Tuad Jatukam style amulet from the temple. We found this in a bag of Jatukams that was under the counter. We insisted it was under there, but they didn’t believe us until they looked. We remembered exactly where it was from the previous time we bought amulets there about a year ago. Sometimes they are resistant to sell their Jatukam amulets at the Wat Mahathat temple because they realize they are becoming more and more rare. This means we have to redouble our efforts to find them and offer them here before the good ones disappear. You can have this case, or let us know to change the case to a traditional stainless steel silver case and we’ll do that at no cost. Item #JATBLU7. $69.95.




This was an unexpected find, an oval shaped silver (pewter?) Luang Phor Tuad amulet with a nice gold case. We have never seen this amulet before, but more importantly, nothing like this style of Luang Phor Tuad before. We only have a couple of these. Item #LPTOVAL7. $69.95.




Another stunning color scheme on this LPT Jatukam amulet from Wat Mahathat in Nakhon si Thammarat, southern Thailand. Again, this case can be swapped out for a traditional solid stainless steel case, which you might prefer to this gold plated one. Item #JATBLY8. $69.95.




Silver, red, pink, blue Jatukam Luang Phor Tuad amulet in an ornate gold plated case. This is another unique color set we haven’t seen before. I think we have 3 of these amulets available now. If you like any of these on this page, purchase now because our Jatukam style amulets have been going so fast and we won’t be able to purchase any more like this once they are gone. Item #JATPRB2. $69.95.



Luang Phor Tuad sacred turtle amulet image. I think we have 2 of these in stock. This is something we haven’t offered before. Item #LPTIMG8. $39.95




Waterproof brass Luang Phor Tuad turtle amulet. Item #LPTBTRT2. $19.95.





This is probably our favorite Luang Phor Tuad amulet in stock right now. We bought just two of these. They were expensive, and yet we really wanted to have a solid silver Luang Phor amulet in stock for you! We may keep one of these for ourselves, so we definitely have at least one to sell. These are rare and we have not seen this iteration before. Item #LPTSILV7. $139.95




This was another great find, we have never seen this amulet offered anywhere. This is a tricolor Luang Phor Tuad oval amulet set in a gold plated case. The reverse is intricately designed as well. One of our best LPT amulets! We have 2 of these. Item #LPTOV55. $$79.95.




This one we have offered before. It is a bronze figurine Luang Phor Tuad amulet set in a gold plated case. This is a heavy pendant that may not be all that comfortable to wear, but could be better placed on a shrine with your Buddha or other historical Buddhist figures. Item #LPT744. $34.95.

Info for Buyers:

Contact us at this email:

Let us know your Paypal account email address so we can send you an invoice for the amulet(s) you want. We do not have these amulets up on our website yet, with the exception of LPT744 which is on our Luang Phor Tuad amulets page here.

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Very Rare Collectors Edition Silver Buddhist Amulet

Ajahn Jumnien Special Collectors Edition Amulet.
Ajahn Jumnien Special Collectors Edition Amulet.
Front of Special Edition Collector's Amulet featuring Wath Tham Suea Buddhist Temple in Krabi, Thailand.
Front of Special Edition Collector’s Amulet featuring Wath Tham Suea Buddhist Temple in Krabi, Thailand.

This is an exceptional collectors edition amulet we were lucky to find at our local temple. Ajahn Jumnien, the featured monk, is known as Thailand’s Good Luck Monk. He has followers all over the world, in Singapore, Korea, Japan, Burma, India, Thailand of course, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Australia – literally all over the world. His temple is the Tiger Cave Temple of Krabi, Thailand.

This is a limited edition amulet, and we bought all the temple had left. Only a very small number of these exclusive amulets were created. They are rare and will likely not be remade at a date in the future.

If you would like one of these good luck amulets with Aj. Jumnien, you’ll need to go to this AJARN JUMNIEN PAGE soon and order one before they are gone.

Thank you!

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New Batch of Good Luck Takrut Amulets

Here are some photos of some Takrut amulets (rolled scrolls) that we have not yet put on the site for sale. Takruts are rolled up scrolls of bark, paper, brass leaf, gold leaf, silver leaf, tin, cloth, animal skin, or something else that can be written on or engraved upon. Takruts have a long history in Thailand and you can find people wearing them in all walks of life. These are good luck amulets and give the wearer some comfort in knowing that things will be going their way as much as possible.

The prayers and symbols on the inside are created by the monks that write them, and they are chanted over in mass chantings before being sold at the Buddhist temples in Thailand. Often times there is a certain symbolic nature to the takruts and the same symbols are used on each one sold at a specific temple (wat).

The takruts below are all fairly weatherproofed, but if you swim with them or subject them to water repeatedly, they will leak. It is better to respect the amulet and take it off before your shower or swimming. All the metal takruts will discolor over time, it is a natural function of the metal. Few metals don’t change due to high temperature, humidity, exposure to salty skin, etc.

If you are interested in one or more of these, just email us for information on price – letting us know the item number. You can have free necklace, bracelets, and shipping on all our Takrut amulets.


Silver Scroll with rolled bark Takrud #TAKRUD100
Silver Scroll with rolled bark Takrut. 1.6″ long. $14.95 each. #TAKRUD100
Hollow Stainless Steel Takrud capsules. #TAKRUDS11
Hollow Stainless Steel Takrut capsules. Small are 1″ long, large are 1.5″ long. $19.95 each. #TAKRUDS11
Gold Takrud with gold end caps. #TAKRUD108
Gold Takrut with gold end caps. About 1.2″ long.  $18.95 each. #TAKRUD108
Waterproof Gold Takrud #TAKRUDW8
Waterproof Gold Takruts. About 1.4″ long.  $18.95 each.  #TAKRUDW8
Triple Rolled Scroll Takrud amulet with tric-color scrolls. #TAKRUD201
Triple Rolled Scroll Takrut amulet with tric-color scrolls. 1.25″ long. $49.95 each.  #TAKRUD201
Silver Takrud with Silver Caps #TAKRUDS10
Silver Takrut with Silver Caps. 1.25″ long. $39.95 each.   #TAKRUDS10
Gold Takrud Amulet with Silver Caps. These are larger than others, about 3 inches long. #TAKRUD44
Gold Takrut Amulet with Silver Caps. These are larger than others, about 2.25 inches long. $29.95 each  #TAKRUD44

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Ajarn Jumnien Love & Money Amulets

These are authentic Ajarn Jumnien amulets from Wat Tum Sua Temple in southern Thailand, Aj. Jumnien's home temple. These amulets are focused on love and money - good luck.
These are authentic Ajarn Jumnien amulets from Wat Tum Sua Temple in southern Thailand, Aj. Jumnien’s home temple. These amulets are focused on love and money – good luck. We still have 2 of these left – order quickly to get one!

You know, we have hundreds of amulets that just never made it to our website yet. We’ll be making an effort to get some of them online here at the blog so you can have a look at them and choose if you like them.

These Thai amulets in the image above show some rare Ajarn Jumnien amulets from Wat Tum Sua (Tiger Cave Temple) in Krabi, Thailand. These are older amulets – around ten years old, that we found at the temple in their hidden away storage for amulets they didn’t really plan on selling.

This is the beauty of walking into the temple personally, and seeing what they might have away from the regular displays on the shelves that other customers get to see. We have a great relationship with the monks and magee (Buddhist nuns) at the temples we visit, and they love to help us find pendants, bracelets, necklaces to buy that otherwise wouldn’t have been sold. We have found so many great amulets like this!

Ajarn Jumnien is seen by Thais, Singaporeans, and Malays, as one of the top Good Luck Monks in Thailand. There are not that many monks well-versed in the magical world of amulet powers. Well, not that many that are still alive. Most of the very famous monks have passed already. Ajarn Jumnien is still alive and well and making these powerful amulets.

This one focuses on love and money. The heart, of course signifies love, and there is a bag of money on the reverse. Many Buddhists buy the Nong Kwak amulets for their businesses – which is to help receive more customers, and in general, have more business success. This Aj. Jumnien amulet is for the same thing, money coming in. This amulet has more of a personal focus, on the individual, as opposed to a business. The heart too – is representative of a personal relationship with others.

We have a very limited number of these gold heart shaped good luck and money amulets in stock. What you see in this image is what we have. If it is important for you to have the most unblemished amulet, do let us know and we’ll give you the best of the lot at the time you order.

These rare Ajarn Jumnien love and money amulets, Item Number: AJJUMLOVE9

Dimensions: 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm (3/8″ x 3/8″) – approximately

Listed at just: $99.95

If we don’t have these amulets listed at our store HERE, please write us to request a photo of the ones we have. We still have a couple left!

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Thai Good Luck Amulets and Symbols from Thailand

White Ganesh with pearl shell finish.
Ganesh the god of obstacles is a well known Hindu god that made it over to Thailand

There are many types of good luck amulets in Thailand, and some of them we sell here on this site – well, at our main website – Thai Amulet Sales!

Thai Amulets and Superstition

Thais and most Asian nations have a lot of superstitions… Thais came from a background of Animism before there was Buddhism at all. Hinduism and Buddhism, Animism, have all combined to create the religious atmosphere in Thailand. In the southernmost provinces, Islam can be added to this – so there is quite a diversity of beliefs in Thai culture. All Thai culture believe in good luck amulets of some sort.

There is a spirit world that can reach us and bring us both good luck and bad luck. Most Thais believe in karma as being the bringer of good luck. I would say that most Thais act on a day to day basis – hoping that their good deeds are registered and karma in the form of good luck later – occurs to bring them happiness.

Thais, in general, are afraid of ghosts to a very high degree. Most of the funny movies in Thailand – the comedies – have ghosts in them. The ghosts are something for Thais to laugh at in the movie, but in reality – they are scared to death of them. If you come to Thailand you will notice “Spirit Houses” in a corner of the yard of many homes.

Thais understand that there are ghosts roaming the world and that they might just live on the piece of land that you bought for your house… Instead of them roaming around, Thais make a Spirit House to ward off bad luck, evil spirits, and primarily to give the spirits a place to stay, so they don’t choose living in the Thai person’s house.

There are many types of ghosts Thais are afraid of – child ghosts are perhaps the scariest. There are Kuman Thong amulets that are with a child and oil in it… the child needs to be taken care of like a real child, and it will bring good luck beyond measure. If the owner of the Kuman Thong amulet does not take care of it, feed it, help it to sleep, give it a nice place to rest… the baby can bring bad luck and destroy families and businesses.

Good Luck Buddha Amulets

Demons surrounding Phra Pidta
Ring of copper colored demons around Phra Pidta

Buddha good luck amulets are one of the most used. Buddha signifies a release from the cares of this world… from the pain and suffering. Buddhas and Buddhists that meditate, monks, nuns, are not afraid of ghosts because they understand that they have power over them. You can see in many amulets – especially the Jatukam amulets – the ring of demons surrounding either Buddha or Jatukam Ramathep, and looking in at the figure (see photo)

While Buddha was sitting in meditation before his enlightenment, he was said to be tempted by demons. While monks sit and meditate, and anytime – they are constantly being tempted to do things that break the monastic rules that Theravada Buddhist monks must follow. At some temples you can see a ridiculous sight… a giant cobra in front of a meditating Buddha… and the cobra has nice breasts like a woman, and usually a bra or negligee on! I will try to find a photo of this – I have many.

So, Buddha is one that has transcended the fear of ghosts, the fear of the realm outside reality – that we all experience. Buddha good luck charms – amulets, are used by some Thais to help them stay safe and have good luck, and not bad.

On the reverse side of Jatukam Ramathep amulets is often a sacred geometrical pattern – a yant pattern that is comprised of sacred Pali, Sanskrit, and Thai characters. This is arranged in a way that a senior monk (or historical scripts) have shown to be the most powerful good luck arrangement for the wearer of the amulet.

Sacred geometrical yant pattern on back of Thai Buddha amulet from Nakhon si Thammarat.

The animals of the Chinese zodiac are also used often to show that all wearers are protected with luck, regardless of day of birth.

Sothorn Buddha amulets, Jinarat Buddha amulets, Somdej Buddhas, these are all said to bring the best of luck to wearers, and some people pay a million dollars for very powerful lucky Thai amulets. There are shops in Bangkok that I’ve seen where buyers hand over a couple hundred thousand baht for special amulets that have been certified as authentic originals. One hundred thousand Thai Baht today is about $3,000 USD.

Salika amulets – which are two birds together – bring good luck love relationships.

Good Luck Buddhist Monk Amulets

Solid copper Luang Phor Tuad amulet – good luck and protection.

Luang Phor Tuad, Luang Phor Klai, Ajahn Jumnien, Luang Phor Koon, Lersi, Chu Chok, and other monks across Thailand have all earned the title of luck bringing monks. Their amulets are highly sought out for their good luck properties and protection properties. Protection from harm, from spirits, from bad luck, from injury, illness, crime.

Some Thai people believe that Buddhist monks can give them lucky numbers for the lottery – and they do whatever they can do to get the monk to say a number – even if the monk doesn’t want to give one. Thais might count the number of chants a special monk does – and think that this is the number to play in the lottery for good luck. Some monks in the past have given numbers to people that hit for very large amounts of money in the lottery.

Buddha and other monks that have been in to the jhana realms have said that seeing the future with the divine eye – Abhinna – is possible. Monks are warned not to use their abilities to further harmful practices, and yet, some seem to thrive on the power and continue to use their special abilities to help some with extra luck, good for those that need it most.

The number nine (9) is very significant for good luck in Thailand. Thais buy custom license plates with 9’s on them. Buddhist amulets that are special editions and that are numbers 9, 99, 999, or 9999 are bought for thousands of THB over what the regular amulets in the series without those numbers, sell for. One of the amulets we have – probably our most powerful good luck amulet – has been named the “9” series Buddha amulet and is said to be the most powerful amulet we have in stock.

Solid Copper “9” series Buddha amulet – our most powerful.

The chedi at our local temple is going to be 99 meters high. There are 9 levels of the chedi. The number 9 can be found throughout Thai culture and society – as it is widely respected as the most important number.

Hindu Lucky Amulets in Thailand

Ganesh – god of obstacles

Other Thai good luck symbols are really more of a Hindu origin, and come in the form of Ganesh and Kwan Yin. Ganesh is the elephant symbol that is on many of Thailand’s goodluck pendants and charms. Ganesh is the god of obstacles. Specifically he can remove and set obstacles in the path of people on earth. So, an obstacle removed could result in overwhelming luck in some cases. An obstacle placed, could cause the person to grow spiritually, or intellectually… gain compassion, or some other virtue… and be good too. In our housing complex we have a very large gold Ganesh shrine that Thais are constantly bringing offerings to.

Kwan Yin is another good luck symbol. She is the goddess of compassion. Of course many Thais are hurting inside and need better luck in areas of health, getting over loss, and love… Kwan Yin is another of the major lucky figures Thais adore.

Nong Kwak is a woman with her hand extended. She is most commonly found in businesses that want to increase their goodluck in business and have customers and money coming in. She is unrivaled for this purpose, and especially Chinese Thais will have a statue or ten of Nong Kwak in their store to bring luck.

Sacred scrolls, or Takrud, are made into amulets for luck in Thailand. These are rolled metal scrolls – or other items that are put in small glass or plastic tubes, and that function as lucky amulets for those that wear them. Many Thais believe in the power of the rolled scrolls with inscribed prayers written in them by Theravada Buddhist monks here in Thailand – and many people buy these amulets to become as lucky as possible.

Multiple amulet necklaces which hold 3 or 5, even 7 or 9 amulets can be found. Cab drivers, tuk-tuk drivers, song-thaew drivers seem to wear these multiple good luck amulet necklaces to increase their luck exponentially.

If you are driving a vehicle in Thailand, you might notice people standing around in hats, long sleeves and long pants at the red lights. They are selling flower bracelets that can be put on your rearview mirror to bring safety and luck to those in the vehicle. Each flower wreath is 20 THB on average (about 66 cents) and some drivers replace them every chance they get – to ensure good health, and luck on Thailand’s rather dangerous roads.

Most people in Thailand wear good luck amulets or other symbols of luck – or have them in a purse, in their car, or somewhere else for luck. If you are looking for lucky amulets – have a look at our Thai Amulet Sales site.

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Which is the Best Thai Amulet?

This is one of our unique premium Jatukam style amulets in solid black jade (jadeite). This is hand carved and original. We have never seen one like this before.
One of our best Thai amulets, the black jade Pra Bittar (Pidta) in Jatukam style from Wat Mahathat in Nakhon si Thammarat, Southern Thailand.

We have a couple thousand amulets. We are not into the superstition of them, we buy them from local Theravada Buddhist temples so we can pass on to you, or to collect for ourselves.

We have a number of special amulets that we like a lot, and most of them were given to us by relatives or monks. These are not anything special from a collector’s standpoint, but they are special to us.

Our best Thai amulets are probably the ones that we paid the most money for. Though some clay amulets command the most money because they are the oldest, or made by the most ‘powerful’ or respected monks. We only buy expensive amulets that have some collector’s value, because otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense to spend all that money on them. We have some solid silver Buddha amulets and Jatukam Ramathep amulets that are really special to us, and what we’d consider our best.

We have a rare black jade Pra Bittar (Pidta) amulet and a blue crystal Buddha amulet (statue) that are really exceptional, but that we have yet to sell. Not sure we really want to sell them! Then we have some white jade amulets from Wat Larn Kuat temple that are very special because they are rare and will never be seen again once they are all sold. We’d sold about 30% of them. Oh, and our petrified wood Buddha amulets from Wat Larn Kuat are also lovely.

The best Thai amulet is the one that means the most to you. We have about 50 favorites. If you are looking for some amulet in particular that you cannot find, let us know and we’ll tell you if we’ve seen something similar.


Click one of the below Buddhist figures to learn more and find amulets:

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More Jatukam Amulets – Largest Authentic Collection Available in World?

We just purchased a large number of Jatukam amulets. We have over 100 at this point, and they are, for the most part – the best ones we could find. Today we found some real gems. I don’t think we’ve priced an amulet – Jatukam or otherwise, at more than $139 USD, but we’re going to have to raise the bar for some of these. We also have a contact at the temple that can get us another 6 of the best amulets, but we’ll have to return to get them next week.

I think we probably have the nicest, original, completely 100% authentic and blessed Jatukam amulets online anywhere on the planet. That wasn’t really a goal of ours, but the way it turns out – these are some of the best quality amulets that we can find at the temples.

Have a look at our Jatukam Amulets page when you get a chance, watch it grow over the next few days as we photograph and get the order buttons and other essential information up about each of these good luck and protection amulets.

Today we picked up some limited edition copies of amulets that we already have some of. Getting duplicates is difficult, and when we return to the temple to buy some that were there the week before – often times, they are gone and we have to tell the buyer that we cannot fill their amulet order. Not a great way to go about business.

Though we don’t like to buy amulets and keep them in stock, the original Jatukum amulets are selling well and we are happy to buy them in advance – just to know that we have them in stock and can make some buyers happy.

An update to our Thai Amulet Sales service – we are now shipping quite a few amulets with tracking numbers that you can use at our Thailand Post site, as well as whatever country you are in – when the package crosses the border. This has prevented the loss of some of our best amulets, and we think it’s a good practice, and will continue shipping amulets, necklaces, and some other items this way.

If we are sending you something rare that we don’t have any more copies of, or if the item is more than $50 or so, we’ll send it with a tracking number.

Keep watching for the new amulets – and we also have MANY new waterproof amulets that we’ll be adding to the site in the days to come.

Jatukam Ramatip Amulet Page (click)

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1st Edition Ajarn Jumnien Good Luck Amulet – A Great Find!

I found a new Ajarn Jumnien 1st edition Good Luck Amulet at the temple – and I could not be happier – talk about lucky!

I was looking around the temple at some of the amulet stands I don’t usually go to. There were a number of new counters that opened up recently, and I figured they were for donations and to get the blessed bracelets put on by the magee (Buddhist nuns) that reside at the temple.

I puchased a couple of bells at one location, and then saw a counter that was out of the way, and I thought just for donations.

There was a display of amulets and other things. I went over to look and they had some unique and really lovely Buddhist jewelry and Buddha amulets, Nawagote amulets, Shiva amulets, Ganesha amulets… all sorts of things – and none of these amulets or necklaces was ever seen at the temple before. It was great!

Usually the good things – the ones that mean something, are under some of the other amulets and you have to really strain to find them. This was the case yesterday as I looked under the first layer of amulets at the next shelf that was hidden by all that was on top of the first shelf.

There, staring up at me was a tri-color Ajarn Jumnien, 1st Edition Blessed Good Luck amulet that I haven’t seen at the temple for nearly two years now because they sold everything they had in that series already!

I asked the magee to show it to me and she looked at me like – “Do you know what this is?”

I knew.

If I could rewind life a couple years, I’d be right back there at the temple and buying every single one of the Ajarn Jumnien Good Luck amulets in this series – they were amazing. There were great stories told at the temple by monks, magee, and those that bought the amulets.

I was stunned when she told me the price of the amulet – and when you buy sacred amulets at the Buddhist temples – you shouldn’t argue about price. The amulet is worth everything they say it is. This isn’t a market in Bangkok, it’s the Buddhist temple… nobody is trying to take advantage of you or give you less than what you’re paying.

I wanted the amulet really bad, and didn’t have enough cash for it. I gave her 1,000 THB and asked her to hold it for me until I returned from the ATM machine with the rest of the money.

She did – and when I returned, I bought the best amulet I’ve had in years. This is a one of a kind – there are none left – literally. The Aj. Jumnien Good Luck collection sold out very fast. It was created for Ajarn Jumnien’s 70th birthday year – and there were about 500 made in various designs – primarily 2. In each amulet run there are made the affordable amulets – and those amulets that are beyond almost all Thai people’s reach – and are hundreds of dollars USD.

This is the last amulet of this quality at the temple!

The magee kept telling me over and over – with very solemn face – number 1 power… this one, number one power… in Thai, of course, she spoke no English.

This amulet is brilliant 18K gold with copper and silver for the other colors. The tri-color amulets are paying respect to the Buddhist trinity – that of Dhamma, Buddha, and Sangha.

It has been wrapped in protective clear plastic – as Thais often do with their best amulets, to preserve everything about it – as if brand new.

I love finding hidden treasures at the temples – and this has been the most amazing find, and totally unexpected. I have looked over and over – dozens of times for some more of these style amulets. I have never seen the first editions of this style – except the first day they had the ceremony to bless them on the full moon day – at the auspicious hour. Maybe my karma has come around and is giving me a great find!??

I’ll take some photos and put this on it’s own page at – under the Specials. It is special, not for the price – which will be fair, but not discounted – but for the rarity of this lovely tricolor Buddhist monk amulet.

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Ajahn Jumnien Healing Hands & Good Luck Amulet

Ajahn Jumnien's healing hands personal protection and good luck amulet from Wat Tum Sua, in southern ThailandAjahn Jumnien’s silver healing hands and personal protection from harm amulet is one of our biggest sellers. It’s very affordable and we usually sell every one that we get in stock. Currently we have about 5 in stock. Usually we can get more, but sometimes there is one hand on the reverse side and sometimes two hands like the one we show you here. You may get either one.

Click one of the below Buddhist figures to learn more and find amulets:

The Buddha – Happy Buddha – Jinaraj Buddha – Somdej Buddha

Kwan Yin – Ganesh – Nong Kwak – Luang Phor Tuad 

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Ajahn Jumnien Good Luck Amulet in Gold Case

Round, gold Ajahn Jumnien good luck amulet from Wat Tum Sua, ThailandThis is one of our best selling Thai good luck amulets featuring Thailand’s “good luck monk”, Ajahn Jumnien, the abbot from Wat Tum Sua in southern Thailand.

Ajahn Jumnien is a world-traveler. Currently (6/15/09) he is in Malaysia. He visits India, Malaysia, USA, England and many other countries during the course of a year.

He is a very kind Buddhist monk that always has time for people – though he comes back to his home temple only a few weeks out of the year!

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