Deadbeat Buyers List

You know, we’ve been doing business for over five years now – selling amulets to people from countries all over the world. The entire world. We’ve sent amulets to Africa, Russia, Trinidad, Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, England, Switzerland, Italy, France, Canada, New York, Greece…

Only occasionally do we get deadbeat buyers – those that either intended to defraud us – or, were just negligent in keeping their Paypal addresses up to date, and then filed a claim against US for not receiving the item.

Here is a list of fraudulent, or negligent buyers we have had over these five years:

Lim Zell, Singapore
James Kelly
Brian Panya
Timothy Cameron
Christopher Atherall
Russell Vokes
Jonathan Richter
Potjamarn Arpornratn
Sudipta Barua
Markus Jakobi
Melisa NGuyen
Alex Williamson
Timothy Fletcher
Nghi Trau
Renaud Gohin
Lia Moua
Thomas Coleman
Dexter Leong
Ursula Masterson

If you just searched on one of these names and you find it here – do NOT sell anything to one of these bad buyers – or you may lose your items, your money, the time you put into helping them. We lost a lot of time with these people and hope that you don’t lose time to them in the future.