Meaning of Various Thai Amulets

Here is a quick rundown of the meaning of some of the amulets we sell, and even some that we don’t usually sell so you can get an idea which amulets you might purchase for what reason. One of our friends gave us the piece of paper with these descriptions on them. We don’t agree wholeheartedly with the meanings for some of these, but honestly, the meaning among groups of people – Thai Buddhist, Chinese Buddhist, Theravada, Mahayana, Hindus, etc., can be different. So, the following is from one point of view.

Butterfly Amulet – For trade and relationships.

Brahma (four-faced Buddha) amulets – for peace, family, wealth, all encompassing wisdom in decisions about life.

Trimurti – for love, happiness, and for wishes to be granted.

Ganesha / Ganesh – the Hindu elephant god of obstacles – both placing and eliminating them. This is for art, luck, and harmony in life. Having a good life, smooth, without complications.

Kwan Yin – the goddess of compassion. These amulets are for those that need healing and empathy.

Nong Kwak – the woman calling with one hand to passerby’s. This is for business prosperity and growing a healthy business. If you look in most Chinese businesses across Asia and in the USA even, there is often a Nong Kwak amulet, image, statue, and or yang flag in a special shrine in the front of the business.

Phra Pid Ta – the monk that covers his eyes – for protection from evil spirits, influences, and for wealth.

Salika – the two birds that look like they are kissing, they are facing each other. This is for success in business.

Phra Somdej – prosperity in business, peace, and a good life.

Chinnarat / Jinnaraj Buddha – the Buddha amulets with the triangle behind, outlining the Buddha with whisps of fire rising off the sides. An exceptionally beautiful Buddha image that many people find pleasing. This is for defense against evil and a generally smooth life.

Rahu – the eclipse demon seen eating the moon on various amulets. This is a reminder of beneficence.

24 thoughts on “Meaning of Various Thai Amulets”

  1. I own an amulet that was a gift from a good friend who lives in Thailand. The one I have is of a Buddha in the lotus position on four platforms. The reverse side is what I want to know the meaning of… HELP!!! Wish I could send a pic of it!!!

  2. Hi. Do you have an amulet I might give to a couple trying to have
    a baby? I can not return this year to Thailand .any help is appreciated .
    Thank you …..greg

  3. My step mom is from Udon she gave me a amulet. She said it has been passed down in her family. She said it’s a kings amulet. Can you give me any help.

    1. Oh if you give me your email I have pics. It also has a gold emblem on one side with a small metal plate with a number stamped on it. The number is 59856

  4. Hi
    I would like to know the name of an amulet of a buddha sitting on a ball or the earth? Would you be able to tell me and if possible show me some picture, please. Thank you

  5. Hi,
    I have a collection of various Buddha and Ganesh amulets I have acquired in temples in Thailand and strongly believe in their positive power.
    I’m now looking for an amulet that keeps away misfortune in business endeavors and provides luck in these. It needs to be a special, strong amulet.
    Can you recommend anything? Thanks.

  6. I am wearing a khun paen and kumantong amulet together..can i know how to identify whether its fake or genuine..tq for response.

    1. There is no way for anyone to tell you online whether it is fake. Did you buy it from the temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat? If yes, it’s real.

    1. Amulets with Luang Phor Tuad are said to be for sailors. Why? LPT had a number of instances where he showed mastery over saltwater and freshwater.

    1. We don’t like to say this amulet will do this, or do that. You should read up on the power of amulets and come to your own conclusion. Many people believe 100% and spend thousands of dollars on amulets. Others don’t believe at all.

  7. I need some help with this amulet my friend has passed to me. He says it’s a Narai infused Soon Teck amulet, do you have any information on it?

    1. Sorry, we don’t know. We’re not really amulet experts of all kinds… we know the ones we sell from our own temples, but there are thousands to keep up with, and we don’t try. :P

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