Thai Gold Buddha Amulets for sale, from Thailand Authentic. 100% guaranteed.

The Gold Buddha amulets in these photos are more beautiful than the photos make them appear. Promise!

White Buddha with pearl shell finish amulet in 18K gold case.
Originally $44 - Sold Out, Sorry.

18K gold Buddha amulet with shiny finish in 18K gold case.

Originally $44 - Sorry, Sold Out

Som Dej - Buddha sitting on coiled naga serpent. Amulet is clay. Case is gold (plated of course). 18K gold case.

Originally $98. Sorry, Sold Out, but we probably have some that are similar. Just ask through the Contact Form.

Golden Seated Buddha amulet. Buddha with intricate design background that is actually cobra snakes..

Originally $39. Sorry, Sold Out.

18K Gold Som Dej Buddha with radiance case.

Originally $19 - Sorry, Sold Out but we may have some similar. Contact Us if interested.

Small seated gold Buddha in Lotus gold radiance case.

Originally $29 - Sorry, Sold Out.

Gold dipped Buddha in gold triangle case. 18-22K gold - very bright. There were only a couple at the temple, I bought all 3 when I saw them because I knew these amulets would sell quickly.

Originally $57 - On Sale for $39. These aer sometimes not exactly as depicted, but will be very close to exactly.

Green Buddha in a triangle with two other gold Buddhas in a pyramid shape.

Green Jade Buddha, Som Dej, and Seated Nong Kwak Buddha in 18K gold case.

Very Rare. When we saw this we bought both the  temple had. Thailand  loves the jade Buddha on display in Bangkok and this amulet is a tribute to that amazing Buddha.

Originally $129 - Sorry, Sold Out

Seven (7) small Buddha charms ideal for token bracelet or child’s necklace. Buy up to 4 at same shipping as 1! Write us first to ask what colors we have in these multi-colored Buddha charms as these are going fast. We have at least one Buddha of each color, and some more than others.

Originally $9.95 - We have some in limited quantities for $7.95 each.

Standing gold Buddha amulet in 18K gold case. This Buddha represents “Sunday” and Thais buy the Buddha that corresponds to the day they were born.

Originally $49 - Now for just $34.95

18K gold Buddha with Radiance

Originally $29 - We may have these in stock.