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3.5cm diam
.25cm thick
2.5cm wide

This Thai amulet is to protect from all danger - and especially natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other such natural events that cause widespread destruction - and accidents. The wearer of the amulet will get through the storm much more safely than would have been the case without it.

Luangpor (Luang Phor) Tuad is a very highly respected monk in Thailand. One of the top 5 most respected and loved monks in Thailand. The story of this amulet is that he is dipping his foot into the ocean in order to turn the salt water into drinkable (potable) water for the Thai people that were experiencing drought in that area.

There is another story that the first time Luang Phor Thuad did this he was on a boat going to Ayuddya - the old captial of Thailand - and there were great storms and waves. The boat crew thought it was because of Luang Phor’s presence on the boat and were going to kick him off. The boat drifting for days at that point. He put his foot in the water and made a circle and told the crew to drink from within that circle. They tried and the water wasn’t salty - it was fresh. There are many miracles attributed to Luang Phor Thuad including once arranging an 84,000 word Sutra (scripture) when nobody else in Thailand could do it.

The front of this amulet says, “Yee up naam jued talay” which means, “Step on ocean, make it freshwater”. It means that the ocean isn’t as powerful or as meaningful as fresh water, we can drink fresh water. It provides live.

This Luang Por amulet is for personal protection against all danger and especially effective for prevention of accidents. In addition Thais believe Luang Phor Thuad amulets and even images, like on a Yant cloth protect from tsunamis, and other natural disasters.

This Thai amulet comes from Wat Tum Sua in Krabi province. The name in English means, Tiger Cave Temple. Krabi was hard hit by the tsunami, and Wat Tum Sua felt none of it’s fury, being set back away from the Andaman sea just over a kilometer away.

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