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3.9cm diam
.25cm thick
2.5cm wide

This gold colored steel with brass plating good luck amulet is for the purpose of acquiring money, and having good luck (prosperity) in business and financial matters.

Luang Phor Klai’s birth was in 1876. He became a young monk in 1891. At 26 years old he was the abbot of his own temple. He died at 94 years old and is still preserved in Wat Chan Di if you want to see him.

The front of the amulet features revered monk, Luang Por (Luangpor, Luang Phor) Klai  - Thailand’s “Golden Mouth” monk. It was often said that Luang Phor possessed amazing insight into the future. What he said often came true. Thai people would try to get lottery numbers from him - in many tricky ways, sometimes they hit very big jackpots because of it.

Luang Phor Klai is on the front of this Buddhist pendant in a full lotus seated meditation position. The inscription on the front of this rectangular pendant says, “If you say it, it will become true.” Thai people hold this amulet and repeat phrases about things they want to happen. Perhaps they need to reach a certain level of business for that month, they would repeat that over and over while holding this amulet.

Thai people buy Luang phor Klai’s amulets even when they can’t afford food. Thais revere him as the “Golden Mouth Monk” with very special ways of saying something that later became true. He was exceptional with his ability to see the future in this regard.

Another factual tidbit about Luang Phor Klai is that when he was young he had an accident in which a tree fell on his leg - and crushed his ankle. He didn’t think it was that bad until it turned gangrenous. At that point he took a sharp knife and cut off his foot. He usually traveled atop a water buffalo as he wasn’t all that mobile. At 15 Luang Phor Klai became a monk. At 26 yrs he was the abbot of his own Buddhist temple.

The reverse side of this good luck financial amulet shows revered monk, Pra Bit Tar (Closed eyes Monk)

Please note - we thought this was gold plated - it is not. It is likely brass plating and when it ages it changes colors - like most metal amulets.

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