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(La Thailande Amulette, Tailandia Amuleto, Amulett, La Tailandia Amuleto)
Round copper Ajarn Jumnien amulet with Chinese zodiac on back. Phra Bittar and Luang Phor Tuad rectangle amulet. Aj. Jumnien healing hands oval silver amulet. Tricolor takrud amulet for luck. Luang Phor Tuad natural disasters protection amulet - solid copper. Aj. Jumnien gold shield protection from natural disasters amulet.
Good luck Amulet
Fortune, Good Business. Bag of gold with Chinese zodiac animals.
Good luck in business. Monk: Luang Por Kluai and Phra Pidta Ajahn Jumnien’s healing hands amulet. Good luck and prosperity for your life. Good luck gold, silver, and copper rolled prayer scrolls.

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Protection in natural disasters: Floods, Hurricane, Earthquakes, Tsunamis.

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Ajahn Jumnien protection shield from natural disasters amulet.
Originally: $29 $24 $34 $24 $39 $29
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These are upgrades to the
bronze amulet of the same
style directly above them.
On the left is a protective
plastic encased
gold-silver-copper amulet and
on the right is the same amulet
with our fanciest gold case.

Originally: $69

Buy now: SOLD OUT

These with gold case are sold out. The plastic cased ones on left – the temple still has about 10 of them.

Item # – 1210

$79 $77.77
We now have these again!

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We have a couple of these in stock – just got them again after selling out 4 years ago. Get it now if you want it – they might not make them again for another 4 years, or, maybe never. Item # – 1770

$88 – Buy HERE >

For more information you can find this amulet at this page too:

All Jatukam Amulets (click)

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  1. Hi thai, i chanced upon your website by chance. I am really new to thai amulets, could you recommend some amulets to me for super windfall luck and for business? I mean really powerful ones. Im afraid to ask at other shops as most of them will treat me like a carrot stick when i ask them. Please advise. Thanks.

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