Above I’ve used two different camera settings to show the front. One shows the color better (left). The other shows the pendant’s detail better (right). The color is actually even brighter and more dazzling that you see on the left -but, taken in sunlight all detail blurs out. Trust us when we say you will be very impressed both pendants color and detail.


Here again. The color on the left approaches reality, but detail is gone. On the right the amulet’s detail is excellent - but the color is not. What to do except show you both shots, especially because this is one of the most beautiful amulets we sell here!

Ajahn Jumnien, Abbot of Krabi, Thailand's This is a gold, copper and silver special edition Thai pendant in our best gold case. The original bronze amulet of the same design is found here. There are actually 3 versions of this amulet, the bronze without a case; One exactly like above but in a clear plastic protective case; and this one with the superb gilded gold case you see above.

This good luck Thai amulet features Ajahn Jumnean, Abbot of the Wat Tum Sua temple in Krabi, Thailand. Ajahn Jumnean’s full title is “Luang Phor Jumnean Seelasetso”.

Ajahn Jumnean is known Thailand-wide as the “Good Luck Monk” by his loyal followers. He is one of the few Thai monks that puts an emphasis on forest meditation. His teaching style is flexible and he is very talented at matching the right practice to the student. His home temple, Wat Tum Sua is a sprawling temple that extends up into the foothills of mountains and on two mountain tops!

The reverse side of this plated bronze good luck pendant shows a bag of gold & money surrounded by the twelve Chinese animal zodiac characters: rat, dog, pig, etc.

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This is one of our top 5 most stunning Thai pendants (amulets) we sell! Most popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and California - all places where Aj. Jumnien visits frequently.

The reason is that this amulet is well known in the south of Thailand is for providing wearers with money coming into their possession. I have seen many people wearing this amulet here in the south - and apparently overseas it is becoming well known because we have sold many of them!

Note: Photographs are never representative of the true depth and clarity of the shiny amulets - especially those with gold or silver coating. If I set the camera to capture the true color and brilliance and take the photo in sunlight - where it looks best to the eye - the detail is totally lost in the digital image and it’s a blur. I usually try to capture the detail as much as possible so you can see that the amulets are well made and very clear. Sometimes the brilliance suffers - but, what to do? When you receive the gold or silver amulets you’ll be amazed at how brilliant they are. I’m sure of it.

*10% of all sales goes back to the temple in the form of a donation given to the monks.

We now have this amulet again in a very small quantity.

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