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Buddha Relics | Buddhist History

Buddha Relics - artifacts from Buddha
Buddha relics in a Stupa at Wat Tham Seua Theravada Temple in Krabi, Thailand.

The photo above is of Buddha relics contained in small gold chedis at Wat Tam Sua Theravada Buddhist Temple in southern Thailand in the city and province of Krabi.

What Are Buddha Relics | Are They Amulets?

Buddha relics are of great cultural and religious significance to Theravada Buddhists in Thailand, and across the globe. Each major Buddhist temple in Thailand has relics of Buddha that are usually given to the temple’s founder, or “Abbot”, for display at the temple.

Ajarn Jumnien received these Buddha relics from important Buddhist figures across Asia. Most relics are from northern India, Nepal, and even some from Sri Lanka. The relics are supposed to consist of ashes, hair, and bone fragments from Buddha himself. The area of the temple where these sacred relics are kept is always in a very sacred place. Shoes always must be removed prior to entering the bot where the Buddha’s relics are kept secured.

Buddha relics are not really amulets, but they are sometimes sold – or, much more likely, replicas are sold. If a temple is telling you that Buddha’s bones and hair is in some Buddhist relics they are trying to sell you – well, it’s not going to be true unless they’re selling them for a couple million dollars.

We do not sell anything here on our website that looks like, or claim to BE Buddha relics, we find it quite ridiculous that others do so. Do you really think you could buy any of Buddha’s original relics for less than a couple of million dollars – were they to be sold at all? Of course not. We don’t get involved in business such as this because it doesn’t seem genuine. Even if the person knows he or she is buying a copy of the relics – what is the point of that? We only offer original pendants from Buddhist temples across Thailand. If you are looking to buy “Buddha relics” – you might try eBay or some other website.

[Last Updated: 19 November 2019]

Below we have the history of some important Buddhist figures and concepts.


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