Buddha Jatukam Amulet with Gold Case

Buddha Jatukam - Jatukum from Thailand - free shipping.
$59.95 - Buddha Jatukam Amulet from Thailand
Side of Buddha Jatukam amulet from Thailand
Buddha Jatukam - Dhamma wheel and Buddhist zodiac

This is the last Jatukam amulet at the temple that they had. These sold like mad for the longest time and now the temple had only this one left. It is different from most so I bought it. The front features Buddha seated in a meditative pose and is surrounded by demon heads that are also in the shape of a triangle – like the meditating Buddha.

The case is plated gold – there are no solid gold cases in Thailand that we’ve ever seen – they’d be too fragile.

This is a stunning amulet that should be kept in a safe place – not hanging from the mirror in your vehicle.

We have just one of these… sorry!

Free shipping from Thailand to wherever you are in the world.

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Every amulet we sell has been blessed at our local Buddhist temple. The temple does not allow any amulets to be sold that are not blessed.

In addition to buying all of our amulets straight from the temple, we also give 10% of all sales (net) back to the temple. It’s a win-win-win for the temple – you – and us.

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