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Thai Amulet Note – Your Own Amulet Business

Want to Buy an Amulet Business?

Many people are looking for a business opportunity and don't know how to get started. I have a suggestion... Thai amulets! We have been in business for four years now. We have sold Thai amulets to buyers from almost every country in the English speaking world. We have really enjoyed sharing Buddhist amulets with buyers across the globe. You could also come to love it, I think.

We can help you get started if you need it. There is a lot to know about Thai amulets and while we don't know it all - nor should anyone say they do - we know quite a bit, and more than enough to competently help you start your own online Thai amulet business from wherever you are in the world.

Sourcing - we can source the amulets for you from our local temples and send them to you buy DHL Worldwide or some other major carrier in bulk. Focus - we strongly suggest you focus on one amulet category - for instance - Buddhas. Or, "Ganesh amulets" or some other type.

The reason is, the competition to break into the market is getting stiff and you will have a much quicker time of getting ranked in the search engines by targeting a smaller niche than the larger "Thai Amulets" niche - which is saturated. You might choose to sell just Takrud amulets, or just Luang Phor Tuad amulets... maybe just Somdej Toh amulets. Up to you.

If you have an interest in starting your own Thai amulet business, or buying this one - do let us know by writing and we'll get right back with you. We have considered selling this business, but would not do it without a fair price. Write us if you have an interest...

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  • yes i’m very interested could u please tell me how i could start a business


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