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27 New Ganesh – Ganesha Amulets!

We just put up 27 new Ganesh - (Ganesha) elephant amulets at the main Thai amulet store. Ganesh is a god that gets a lot of interest in Thailand and India as well as other countries that practice Buddhism and Hinduism. Ganesh is the elephant that you've probably seen as amulets before. Thailand Buddhists temples sometimes carry this Hindu God of Obstacles, Ganesh, in a variety of amulets because Thais really love him. Ganesh has the power to remove and place obstacles from your path. If you fear problems with completing something - you ask Ganesh to remove the obstacle for you - and, as the legend goes - your life goes a whole lot more smoothly. The Ganesh amulets we have are gold, white pearl colored, silver, and with gold cases or waterproof clear plastic cases.

See our lovely 27 Ganesh - Ganesha amulets at our main shop.

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