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Silver Naga Head Buddha in Waterproof Case

This is a one of a kind Buddha amulet. Once we sell it we have no more. Buddha is seated atop a coiled naga - snake - cobra snake to be specific. Cobras are plentiful in Thailand and are shown in many Buddha amulets. Behind Buddha are cobras with flared hoods. This is a famous characterization of Buddha and a favorite among Thais and foreigners alike. The case is strong waterproof plastic. The Buddha amulet inside is stainless steel - it cannot rust. 

Every amulet we sell has been blessed at our local Buddhist temple. The temple does not allow any amulets to be sold that are not blessed. In addition to buying all of our amulets straight from the temple, we also give 10% of all sales (net) back to the temple. It's a win-win-win for the temple - you - and us. 

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