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List of Important Buddhist Figures On Our Amulets

Here is a list of the Thai amulets we have - the important deities and other people and symbols, animals, and whatnot - we have on our amulets: Buddha - Sothorn, Chinnarat, Emerald Buddhas, Somdej, other Unique Buddhas Kwan Yin - the goddess of compassion. We have Kwan Yin riding a tiger, standing in a flowing gown, in the shape of Ganesha, etc. Ganesha - Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god, the god of obstacles. Shiva - father of Ganesh, also a Hindu god. Garuda - the god of everything, the god of all gods - in Thai mythology. Nong Kwak - the "money coming in" amulets. Luang Phor Tuad - Thailand's most famous monk. Ajarn Jumnien - Thailand's good luck monk. Pra Pidta - Pidta, Bit Tar, Bid Ta - all valid ways to pronounce his name in English. Luang Phor Klai - also a good luck and protection monk. Lersi - an ascetic that gave away his possessions and followed Buddha. Chu Chok - also an ascetic that gave away possessions to follow Buddha. Nawagote - 9 headed millionaire... there were 9 people that were very rich and they gave away their possessions to follow Buddha. Tigers - from Wat Tum Sua, Tiger Cave Temple. Miscellaneous Symbols - Takrud, Hornet, Saliga love birds, etc. Don't forget, we have genuine blessed Buddhist bracelets from the temples as well as necklaces and yant cloths (yan flags). If you are looking for a Buddha or other Buddhist figure to give as a gift to someone you know - shop with us first, we have authentic items and we give 10% back to the temple!