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Just Picked Up a VERY Nice Luang Phor Tuad Cutaway Shield Amulet

We sold this amulet. :( 

Rare and exceptionally well crafted Luang Phor Tuad amulet from Southern Thailand Theravada Temple, Wat Tham Seua.[/caption] So glad we went to the temple today - at Wat Tham Seua because we found a LPT - Luang Phor Tuad (Thuat) amulet like we haven't seen there before. We have seen a cheap copy in Bangkok at a street market one time, and they wanted 9,900 THB.

The detail was missing, so we knew it was fake right away. This one is genuine - there is a lot of detail and the case seems made for the amulet. This is how an LPT amulet looks like when made at the temple. We purchased it and asked for more - no, no more. They only found this one in the back with their amulet supplies and didn't have anything else to sell like it. I love when that happens - when we are able to find a rare amulet and there are no more to buy either. That means people are saving them at home and there won't be a group of them for sale, just every now and then. That keeps the value high on this amulet.

This is an original and not a copy. Found at Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) in Southern Thailand's Krabi Province, and Krabi Noi Subdistrict. Luang Phor Tuad is a very well known and revered Theravada Buddhist monk and we don't have too many high-end amulets for him.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 1" (3.8 cm x 2.5) Thickness is .5" (1.25 cm) Color: Pearl Shell White - shiny (semi-gloss) Condition: High Detail, New. Case: Plastic Waterproof and heavy duty. Availability: Rare, we have never seen this amulet at this temple, and only rarely in other Temples. Rent: $399 USD (~14,000 THB) Includes: Free Necklace, blessed Buddhist bracelets, and shipping with tracking worldwide.  

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