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Thai Amulet Sales Changes for 2015

Hi all!

We are announcing some changes for 2015. We started this little business almost 7 years ago now. We never expected so many great customers to find us during this time. We never expected to make this any sort of business at all. Very nice how it worked out, and we’re committed to making it even better.

Starting with the website. There are a number of amulets, necklaces, and a couple of bracelets that are not in stock anymore. We haven’t got them stocked, the temples we visit, don’t have them either. The website is just HTML based and hard to edit. We are going to switch to a wordpress site, but it will be quite customizable. We’ll add a shopping cart to it so you can order with confidence again. The Paypal buttons we use on our site are buggy. The code changes in our html editors, and we have to go through and pick out one little blip that causes the entire page not to work. If the Paypal order system isn’t working, you aren’t ordering and we’re not able to send anything out. Not a good sales scenario!

So, we are building the new pages now and we’ll switch over to the new site within about 3 weeks. That’s wishful thinking. There are over 200 pages we have to rebuild in WordPress. Maybe more like 5-6 weeks. Lol.

What it means for you:

  • coupon codes we can give you to take a discount off your amulet order in certain circumstances
  • sort amulets by price or category!
  • faster loading pages because you wont have to use the pages that have hundreds of amulets listed, you can sort them by 20 per page, 50 per page, depending on how fast your internet connection can display the amulets and other items.
  • better photos - we’re taking hundreds of photos to revamp all that we have now!
  • a very nice add to cart experience and you can checkout with Paypal as a customer or just use your credit card for a one-time payment, no Paypal account needed
  • free shipping, same as always
  • free blessed Buddhist bracelets from the temples, same as always
  • free necklace, same as always
  • international tracking for amulet orders over $40-50

So, it will be quiet here for new posts for a little while until we can get this all setup. Did I say 5-6 weeks? Maybe 8 weeks. LOL. We’ll do our best, but this is a very big project and we don’t exactly have free-time to spare.

If there are amulets, necklaces, bracelets, figurines, yant flags, murals, wall hangings, statues, or anything else you want to see but haven’t found at our site yet, do let us know!

Sawasdee ka!


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