Thai Amulet Buyers from the USA

If you are buying Thai amulets from the USA - here is some specific information that should help you have a better experience. We have been selling amulets from Thailand for over five years, and one of our biggest countries with customers - is the United States. Something strange to us is that the USA is not where we get most of our traffic from, though it is a close second to Singapore, that little country with 5 million citizens and 1.5 million Buddhists. Still we get a lot of orders from the US, and we hope to get more in the future as we expand our business considerably over the next 12 months. If you are active on Buddhist forums and have Buddhist friends, will you please remember to share our url with them? 😛

Info Bits About Buying Thai Amulets at Our Store:

1. Shipping Logistics.  We ship daily from Thailand to the USA. Post is closed on Sundays. Your order will take between 12 and 30 days usually. I think the average is about 15 days. If your order goes over $50, we ship using “international registered tracking” from Thailand. This is where you may get your Buddhist items within 12 days. Otherwise, we ship regular Air Mail, and sometimes they can take up to 35 days. We’ve not gone longer than 30 days in a couple of months now, so hopefully that will continue.

2. Packing Info.  We pack your items with two main goals in mind. We want them to arrive safely. We want them to arrive without having to go through customs, which tacks on extra time, and expense to you. Well over 99% of our packages skip customs altogether. We don’t ship through priority mail. We don’t ship many items together at the same time. We don’t ship in pretty boxes or silk bags. We don’t add a receipt to the package. All of these things attract unwanted customs inspections. There is a reason we can keep the amulets and other items at such reasonable costs!

3. Discounts.  We sometimes have discounts on items in the form of cash back. It always works like this… You order the item using the Paypal buttons, or ask us for an invoice from Paypal. We send your items. You email us back when you’ve received all your items. We credit you on Paypal within 24 hours of letting us know all your items were received.

4. Authentic Items. We only sell authentic Buddha and other Buddhist products directly bought from temples here in Thailand. We live in Thailand. We support only the temples, not the jewelry shops that make fake amulets and other items. We do not sell pure gold amulets or cases, as they are almost never made at a Buddhist temple, and they are too soft to maintain their premium look for very long.

We don’t have many problems from buyers in the United States, I think because they are accustomed to online transactions and know how it works. We use Paypal because, in truth, there is no risk for the buyer to use it AT ALL. It is much safer than credit cards because you only enter your card number one time. The rest of the time you sign into your account with your email address and a password. Keep your password confidential and you won’t have any issues. We never see your credit card, we just see your amulet order payment in the bank. If you have a problem and your amulet wasn’t delivered - we can add a credit to your order, or refund the original order price. No worries. If your amulet is broken when it arrives, no worries, just send us photos and we’ll give you a credit or refund your Paypal. As a buyer of our rare Buddhist amulets - even if up to a couple thousand dollars, Paypal is very safe to use from the USA to Thailand.

We are always looking for ways we can improve our order process, so if you have any suggestions, let us know. Our email is located on the right hand column of every page of this site.

If you want to buy corporate gifts - up to 1,000 items - please let us know by email what you require. We will make up a Paypal invoice. Please note that some of the amulets are not available in bulk. Please be prepared to choose something else nice from our collection.

NOTE - we release new amulets here at our blog - first. Bookmark this website so you can have one of the first looks at our new inventory, and order the amulets you like before someone else gets them first. We have buyers worldwide, and some of them are very quick to buy the latest amulets we offer for sale here. They don’t even wait for an order button, they just email us and let us know they want the necklace, yant, amulet, shirt, whatever it was.

So, order quickly before the items - especially Thai amulets - are gone. We have a limited quanitity for most amulets, so the quick bird gets the worm!


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