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Gold Buddha Pyramid Thai Amulet in Gold Case

Best Selling Buddha Amulets – New Inventory

Our Number 1 Best Selling Thai Amulet

Today we picked up a big shipment of our top selling Buddha amulets - the gold and white triangle Buddha amulets with gold case.

Finally - and it’s been quite a while since we ordered them from the temple - over 6 months, and probably more like 8 or 9, but we’re not counting ;). Just happy to have some to sell to people that wanted them. There were only a couple people left on our waiting list for these white Buddha amulets - and we’ll mail those out tomorrow. The rest of those that were waiting finally gave up and chose the gold triangle instead - also an amazing amulet.

So, if you want the new white ones you’d better tell us soon - we don’t expect them to last - they always quickly. Same with the gold triangles - they go nearly as quickly, but luckily we’ve had those available more than the white amulets.

If you previously ordered a white Buddha and were on the waiting list - but now you want one - let us know asap!

Our Number 2 Selling Thai Amulet

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White Buddha Triangle Amulets - Update

Ok, well - we’ve been waiting for over 2 months now for the white Buddha triangle amulets that 14 people have ordered and also waited for… We’ve been told that the amulets are at the Wat Tum Sua temple and awaiting blessing by Aj. Jumnien - so, of course they haven’t lied - but, the problem is that Aj. Jumnien hasn’t come back to his own temple for a long time. When he does, will he have time to bless the Thai amulets that everyone has waiting?

Good question. He will likely come and leave again quickly as he usually does!

He’s a monk on the move -that is for sure.

So far 9 buyers have taken the alternative Gold Triangle Buddha amulet we offered along with a free amulet and yant cloth and blessed bracelets for the same price as the white Buddha Triangle. If you too are waiting - that offer is still good, or you can wait patiently until next year!

Sorry it is taking so long… if you want your PayPal $ refunded - just let us know anytime.


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