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Ajarn Jumnien Love & Money Amulets

These are authentic Ajarn Jumnien amulets from Wat Tum Sua Temple in southern Thailand, Aj. Jumnien’s home temple. These amulets are focused on love and money - good luck.

You know, we have hundreds of amulets that just never made it to our website yet. We’ll be making an effort to get some of them online here at the blog so you can have a look at them and choose if you like them.

These Thai amulets in the image above show some rare Ajarn Jumnien amulets from Wat Tum Sua (Tiger Cave Temple) in Krabi, Thailand. These are older amulets - around ten years old, that we found at the temple in their hidden away storage for amulets they didn’t really plan on selling. This is the beauty of walking into the temple personally, and seeing what they might have away from the regular displays on the shelves that other customers get to see. We have a great relationship with the monks and magee (Buddhist nuns) at the temples we visit, and they love to help us find pendants, bracelets, necklaces to buy that otherwise wouldn’t have been sold. We have found so many great amulets like this!

Ajarn Jumnien is seen by Thais, Singaporeans, and Malays, as one of the top Good Luck Monks in Thailand. There are not that many monks well-versed in the magical world of amulet powers. Well, not that many that are still alive. Most of the very famous monks have passed already. Ajarn Jumnien is still alive and well and making these powerful amulets. This one focuses on love and money. The heart, of course signifies love, and there is a bag of money on the reverse. Many Buddhists buy the Nong Kwak amulets for their businesses - which is to help receive more customers, and in general, have more business success. This Aj. Jumnien amulet is for the same thing, money coming in. This amulet has more of a personal focus, on the individual, as opposed to a business. The heart too - is representative of a personal relationship with others.

We have a very limited number of these gold heart shaped good luck and money amulets in stock. What you see in this image is what we have. If it is important for you to have the most unblemished amulet, do let us know and we’ll give you the best of the lot at the time you order.

These rare Ajarn Jumnien love and money amulets, Item Number: AJJUMLOVE9

Dimensions: 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm (3/8″ x 3/8″) - approximately

Listed at just: $39.95

We don’t have a Paypal button made for them yet, so if you want one or more just send the money safely through Paypal to our account: [email protected]

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Christmas Sale 2012 - a Success!

We had, and are having, a great Christmas sale this year - we have sold more Thai Buddha amulets this month than any of the previous 4 years, and we are likely going to repeat something like this next year too.

A couple of months ago we bought a big order of amulets from the temples in Thailand, most of them in our area, but some in Bangkok as well this time. We have hundreds of new Thai amulets to put on the website and share with you.

Our focus for 2013 is to offer amulets that will last a lifetime. We’re really big on that idea, and will be purchasing new amulets with that in mind. We will likely continue the sale of our gold-plated cased amulets for a while longer, hoping to knock down the inventory level of some of them - we simply bought too many and were overstocked.

In 2013 we’ll focus on bronze, brass, white jade, green jade, black jade, gold, solid silver, glass, stone, crystal, and other materials for our Buddha amulets. At the moment we have a pretty good collection of these types of amulets that will last a lifetime, and generations of your family as they are handed down between family members.

We’ll be putting more of our inventory up online in the next couple of weeks - during the Christmas holidays. We’ll also add some to our ALLBUDDHAS.com site, we have somewhat neglected this store and will try to put all our best Buddhas up there for you to see and buy (rent) as you wish.

Have a great holiday season. If you need to buy Buddhist gifts for the holidays, I don’t think anybody can beat our sale.

With metta,

Joy B.

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New Buddha, Kwan Yin, and Jatukam Amulets - Adding to Website

We went on a quick day-trip to one of our favorite temples and found a couple hundred Thai amulets to buy (as usual!) We will be posting them at ThaiAmuletSales.com main amulet store over the next few days. This will be a big update because we also have other recent amulets we haven’t put up yet either - so - over 100 different amulet types and styles will be featured on the new pages.

We have been having a lot of trouble finding the same amulets over and over to sell to buyers. The problem is that the temple doesn’t make the same ones repeatedly. Not more than a few times usually. That means we have them, we make pages for them on the site - and then the amulets are no longer available.

In this case we ask you to be flexible and order some other amulet, necklace, blessed bracelet, yant cloth, shirt, or other item. We’ll send you an email when this happens and you always have the option to request a refund of your order.

If there is any particular amulet you want, you can always try to email us and request it. We are limited in what we get to the particular amulets we find at the temples near us - but, there are quite a few unique amulets we don’t buy, but that are popular with Thais. Again, if we cannot buy many of them at the same time - we usually don’t buy them.

Recently we have seen some other major amulet websites start selling amulets similar to ours. We know they are not genuine because the price is about 1/4 what we charge. We buy the amulets direct from the temple - and we mark them up gently - and fairly. If you see amulets cheaper than ours - but similar in appearance, there is no question that the amulets must not be genuine from a temple. Or, the seller is selling at a loss, and you wouldn’t see many amulets like that - only one by a seller at a time. Almost always the amulets are from jewelers and amulet warehouses - in which they have thousands made and can sell them for about $1. These are not Buddhist amulets in any sense of the word, nor are they blessed. You can typically find these junk amulets on Ebay, Ebay stores, and other websites for around $8-15 for most of them. We well the same items for $25 to 40 usually - and if we marked it down any more - we wouldn’t make a profit from the amulets.

The quality of amulets you get from us versus those found on Ebay is quite different. As I said, the amulets we’ve seen on Ebay are $1-2 USD. The amulets we buy from the temple are $10 - 25 usually, but they also have a selection of expensive amulets over $30 that we usually don’t buy. On occasion, we buy them - and we have those priced at over $50 at ThaiAmuletSales.com and AllBuddhas.com.

For the future we are considering focusing the site on high quality amulets having a solid metal. For instance, solid silver amulets, solid brass, solid bronze, solid copper. We also love jade - and will be purchasing more solid jade amulets - both white jade and green and black jade, in the not too distant future.

If you are considering buying an amulet from Thailand - we hope you choose to buy one that will last forever, and one that you can pass on to your children when you pass on. This is the Thai way, we have a number of amulets from relatives that have passed on and left them to us.

In general, you will pay $90 to 140 for amulets that will last forever. The solid silver amulets we have, solid brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel - will last forever. We hope you see the value in purchasing amulets of this caliber. If you want to order more than one at this price range - let us know and we will see what discount we can give you.

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