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Green Ceramic Background - Solid SIlver Buddha Amulet from Thailand

Amulet Restocking Trip - Success

We took a road trip to one of our favorite temples, and the most famous Buddhist temple in southern Thailand today. The purpose of the trip was to visit with a friend of mine that just had another baby - this one a girl! So I visited with her and her son, while my hubby went to the main temple to see if he could find some amulets, necklaces and bracelets we needed badly.

And he did!

This video does not give a great representation of the amazing ceramic sparklies that are part of this amulet - the blue. It is all washed out. We’ll shoot better videos tomorrow for this and show it the way it really is! It’s so much better than what you see here - promise. Actually, here are photos below of these amulets which give a better approximation of what they really look like:

Green Ceramic Background - Solid SIlver Buddha Amulet from Thailand

We found a lot of different items we needed. We bought about 80 necklaces, 12 amulets, and a couple of hundred bracelets to restock what was depleted. We give a LOT of bracelets away - hundreds each month, so they go quickly.

Apparently there were two lovely amulets that almost became ours. One did. The one that wasn’t purchased was a Kwan Yin stone carving from Nepal. I’ve seen the photos - hubby said it was stunning. The temple wanted something like 5,000 THB for it. Which is fair, for sure, and actually a good deal I think. But, the problem is - will anyone recognize a Kwan Yin from Nepal? That’s the thing. The Kwan Yin’s from Nepal have many arms - like the typical Indian Kwan Yin, however, they also have many heads and faces… MANY. The face looks very man-like also. Is this something that our customers will buy? We’re just not sure. We didn’t buy it.

The other amazing item, was a blue crystal Buddha - carved straight from an oval rock. It’s priceless. He said he had to buy that one. I’m so glad he did, it’s so beautiful. This is the most beautiful crystal statue we’ve ever had - or seen. Most of the statues are just typical and plain. This one is so lovely you have to see it. We’ll take photos tomorrow in the morning light.

This Buddha is going to be hard to ship. Someone might think it’s an antique or somehow important to Thai history. But, it is not old, it has been made within the last 10 years - we’re guessing. The price will be high. I’m not sure we have anything for $395 at the moment, but I think that’s what makes the most sense. Remember - we give 10% back to the temple after a sale, so if you buy it you are contributing to Wat Mahathat temple again… I say again because we already bought it for thousands of baht, then we’ll give over 1,000 THB back to the temple after it sells.

The other amulets we purchased today were jade Buddhas - the happy, smiling, chubby Buddhas that sell so well. These are a bluish green Buddha color and they are absolutely some of the coolest Buddhas we have. Unfortunately we could only find one of the necklaces we like for these jade Buddha pendants, so the first one to order will get it I guess.

We bought a bunchof the traditional brown bracelets, some pink and white and yellow and white bracelets… and I think even some purple and white because we are running low.

We found two very special bead necklaces that we’ll sell for about $29 each. We just want to test the market and see if anyone out there appreciates them like we do.

Oh, oops, we also grabbed two more of the solid silver Buddha amulets from 7-8 years back that were made specifically for Wat Mahathat in Nakhon Si Thammarat - these are the colored Buddha series - and we now have about 19 of them in stock. We are not sure we will even sell them - we like them so much! These are never to be found again, they were a one time pressing - and the molds have been destroyed. These are collectors items - even more so than the traditional Jatukam Ramathep amulets the temple has. The Buddha Jatukams are still selling like crazy at the temple. Good for us that few Thais have the money to pay what they are worth - and we can still get them!

We currently have in-stock over 1,600 Thai amulets to sell to customers. If you love Thai amulets, you must have a look at our main store: www.ThaiAmuletSales.com and see if you can find something that matches the type of amulet or bracelet you might wear or something you might feel proud to give as a gift.

OK, best of luck and best of life to you…

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Stone carved Buddha in waterproof case shipped free from Thailand

List of Important Buddhist Figures On Our Amulets

Here is a list of the Thai amulets we have - the important deities and other people and symbols, animals, and whatnot - we have on our amulets:

Buddha - Sathorn, Chinnarat, Emerald Buddhas, Somdej, other Unique Buddhas

Kwan Yin - the goddess of compassion. We have Kwan Yin riding a tiger, standing in a flowing gown, in the shape of Ganesha, etc.

Ganesha - Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god, the god of obstacles.

Shiva - father of Ganesh, also a Hindu god.

Garuda - the god of everything, the god of all gods - in Thai mythology.

Nong Kwak - the “money coming in” amulets.

Luang Phor Tuad - Thailand’s most famous monk.

Ajarn Jumnien - Thailand’s good luck monk.

Pra Biddar - Pidta, Bit Tar, Bid Ta - all valid ways to pronounce his name in English.

Luang Phor Klai - also a good luck and protection monk.

Lersi - an ascetic that gave away his possessions and followed Buddha.

Chu Chok - also an ascetic that gave away possessions to follow Buddha.

Nawagote - 9 headed millionaire… there were 9 people that were very rich and they gave away their possessions to follow Buddha.

Tigers - from Wat Tum Sua, Tiger Cave Temple.

Miscellaneous Symbols - Takrud, Hornet, Saliga love birds, etc.

Don’t forget, we have genuine blessed Buddhist bracelets from the temples as well as necklaces and yant cloths (yan flags).

If you are looking for a Buddha or other Buddhist figure to give as a gift to someone you know - shop with us first, we have authentic items and we give 10% back to the temple!



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Chedi at Wat Phra Mahathat Buddhist Temple in Nakhon si Thammarat

Best Place to Buy Thai Amulets?

Chedi at Wat Phra Mahathat Buddhist Temple in Nakhon si ThammaratThe best place to find Thai amulets to buy in Thailand is, of course, at one of the many Buddhist temples in the country.

After studying Buddhist amulets for a few months we decided that the best way we could begin an amulet business was by offering amulets straight from the Buddhist temples close to us - on the internet where people across the world could buy them.

The Thai amulets we sell are available at temples in southern and northeastern Thailand. We don’t have a monopoly on them. We don’t make them. We don’t have any special deals on them when we purchase them from the temple - even if we purchase in bulk. We accept whatever price they say - and purchase them to sell to you wherever in the world you are.

If you are coming to Thailand - don’t buy amulets from us online. Just buy them at the temples. Same, 100% authentic amulets.

Are all Buddhist temples selling authentic amulets?

Yes, and no.

Some Thai Buddhist temples don’t sell Thai amulets at all. Wat Suan Mokkh in Chaiya, north of Surat Thani - don’t sell any amulets whatsoever. The founder, Buddhadasa Bhikku, didn’t believe in them. He has since passed on, but the belief remains - and nobody is to sell amulets at that temple. There are t-shirts in the library, and some postcards and books, some videotapes and audio CD’s, but no amulets, Thai bracelets, necklaces, or anything like that.

Most temples do sell amulets. If there are monks or majee (nuns) working at the amulet stand, you can assume it is an official collection of amulets for the temple you are at. If it is a kind man or woman, then most likely this amulet stand is NOT full of genuine articles. The amulets at such a stand are probably blessed by the monks and or abbot of the temple you are at, but, there are probably some that are official from the temple - and some that are not. Which are which? Anyone’s guess.

Buy only from the Thai amulet stands that are operated by monks or majee. This way you cannot go wrong.

From across the globe you can buy Thai amulets at our amulet shop where we now have over 400 amulets for sale. We give you a free necklace with every amulet, two free blessed Buddhist bracelets from the temple, and free shipping.

Buying direct from the temple, or buying from us - buying direct from the temple - you are guaranteed to be receiving official, 100% authentic Thai Buddhist (Theravada Buddhist) amulets. You are sure to have a good experience.

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New Thai Amulet Inventory: 800 Amulets

Over the past two months we’ve been buying Thai amulets at the two Buddhist temples near our home. We didn’t originally want to keep inventory because it’s money that goes out that takes a long time to come in.

But, the temples are very inconsistent with which amulets, bracelets, yant flags, and other Buddhist accessorites they have available and ordering is a long process that takes months to fulfill an order. We’re still waiting on some white Buddha Thai amulets we ordered 5+ months ago! Supposedly they are coming in about 10 days - we’ll see!

The temple isn’t a business - so we understand! But, we had to take things into our own hands a little bit. We purchased over 800 Thai amulets to sell - and probably 300 Thai amulets are not on any of the pages you see here on the Thai Amulet Sales Blog (thaiamuletsales.com/blog/) - or the main site (thaiamuletsales.com).

We’re trying to figure out what to do about getting them all up online so you can see them and order them. There are some really beautiful gold amulets that would make perfect gifts from Thailand. We may just put up page after page of photos of the inventory we have and you can order right from that page. We’ll give you a front and reverse side shot of the amulets and tell you what they are. This way we don’t have to make separate galleries for the images and order pages with all the info.

I think that’s how we’ll handle this Thai amulet dilemma. We just don’t have time to give each one a separate page - especially since most of the amulets we have now are singles - we only have one amulet, not many of the same amulets.

Those of you that have ordered know that we almost always put extra freebies in the envelope with your Thai amulet orders. If you don’t know - now you do! We bought about 50 black necklaces of different styles that we will either be selling or giving away with the Thai amulet. Not sure which. Currently we give a Yant flag, but they are bulky and maybe give the postal people a curious mind about what’s inside. They also have slightly pointed edges which one post office told us wasn’t so cool.

So - we’ll see about that too.

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