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New Metal Triangle Buddha Amulets for 2014

Here is a small sample of new Buddha amulets in the triangle shape we have sourced for 2014. We have another twenty styles of metal amulets - bronze, stainless steel, brass, nickel, iron, and some alloys that we purchased in 2013, but we have yet to post either here or on our main amulet shopping site - ThaiAmuletSales.com.

For now the amulets below are available in very limited quantity (1-2) and we are going to try to sell them before we post them at our main site. If you are interested in one of the amulets below, see our email address at the bottom of this article and write us. Let us know your Paypal account name (email address) so we can send you an invoice.

All Amulet Purchases Include:

  • Worldwide shipping paid for by US
  • Free necklace to match your amulet
  • Free blessed Buddhist bracelets


This is a bronze Buddha with some sacred Pali language writing on the reverse side. The height of this triangle amulet is about 2 inches. The base is about 1 ⅜ inches wide. Item #BUDTRI6. $24.95.



This is a stainless steel plated Buddha triangle (pyramid) amulet from Thailand.  The height of this triangle amulet is about 2 inches. The base is about 1 ⅜ inches wide. Item #BUDTRI5. $24.95. Like the amulet above, we only have 2 of these in stock.

This is a weathered bronze looking Buddha amulet in an often made style. This amulet is just over an inch high, and less than one inch wide. Item #BUDSOM3. $29.95.


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Solid Copper Sothorn Buddha Amulet - Sale!

We have some of these beautiful solid copper limited edition Sothorn Buddha amulets from Wat Sothorn. The previous price was $89.95.

We are dropping the price to just $39.95 and much cheaper if you order more than one.

At least until we sell all but a couple of them. We’d like to keep some for ourselves - we love the clean design. Apparently the monks and amulet sellers at Wat Mahathat in Nakhon Si also revere this amulet as most of them have numerous copies of it on display, but not for sale. They like the amulets too much to sell them. On our most recent amulet-hunting trip we came across one of our old friends that had a batch of them they were willing to sell for an unheard of price. So, we’re passing the savings to you. This is one of the nicest… no, this is THE NICEST copper Buddha amulet we have ever seen. It is hands down our favorite, and we will be keeping a couple for ourselves. The price on this is just $39.95, down from $90 when we had only a couple to sell and couldn’t find anyone willing to sell us more. It is very doubtful we’ll be able to find these amulets ever again, and definitely not at a price that allows us to sell them for under $40.

Included is the Paypal button to order below. Or, if you want 2, you can have them for $64.95. If you want 3, you can have them for $89.95. If you want more, use the menu in the order button below to see how low we go if you buy 6 amulets.We have a couple of dozen. Use the button below to order directly at Paypal on their secure pages, or just send the payment to us through Paypal using the “SEND MONEY” option once you login to your account. Our account to receive payments is: [email protected]

How Many Do You Want?

More information on this lovely amulet is found at this page (click the link below):

Sothorn Buddha Amulet

But, don’t order there using that Paypal button or you’ll pay the full amount. Instead, just login to your Paypal and send $39.95 to us directly using the account:  [email protected]

We will send you a free necklace, and bracelets. Your Sothorn Buddha will be sent using International Registered Mail from Thailand, which gives you a tracking number so you can track it’s progress across the globe to your home.


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A preview of the hundreds of Thai amulets we have posted at ThaiBuddhaAmulets.blogger.com.

All Thai Amulet Photos from Our Blog?

Here’s an easy way to see a lot of Thai amulets in one place. Blogger.com just updated their functionality to include a great graphics preview tool for all blogs. Just add /view/snapshot to the end of any blogger blog.

Here’s a preview of ours. Click the link below the image to see the full page with over 100 amulet photos in great color:

A preview of the hundreds of Thai amulets we have posted at ThaiBuddhaAmulets.blogger.com.

A preview of the hundreds of Thai amulets we have posted at ThaiBuddhaAmulets.blogger.com.


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More Thai Buddha Amulet Inventory Coming - Photos

Here are some more photos of some new Buddha amulets we found and will put online at the main ThaiAmuletSales.com site in a couple days. If you are interested - write us and let us know which one you want before we put them up. We frequently sell amulets before they even have an order page finished for them. In fact, some of our amulets are sold out before we can even put them on the Thai Amulet Sales site.

Thai Buddha Photo Gallery Below:

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More Thai Buddha Amulets Added 7-4-11

We just added another 19 Thai Buddha amulets to the main (THAIAMULETSALES.com) site. Some of them we put at our New Buddha Amulets page, and others we’ll add later. We also have another 80 different amulets we’ll get online in the next few days.

If you get a chance, check it out. Here are some of the amulets we just made available:


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11 New Thai Buddha Amulets Added to Store

Recently we added another near dozen Buddha amulets to our Buddha sales page and now we’re up to 120 different Buddhas for sale there (ThaiAmuletSales.com).

Here are the Buddha thumbnails so you can see which amulets we added. Go to the “All Buddha Amulets” page (click) to see more information and for ordering these amulets.

White Pearl Shell Like Small Buddha White Jinaraj Thai Buddha Amulet Gold Jinaraj Buddha in Fancy Gold Case

Tricolor Amulet - Buddha in Meditative Position on Coiled Naga Snakes Emerald Green Buddha in Lovely Gold Case Silver Buddha in Silver Case

Brass Buddha in Gold Case Silver Buddha Somdej Style in Gold Case Colorful Jatukam Buddha Amulet

Emerald Green Buddha in Raindrop Shaped Gold Case Gold Buddha on Coiled Naga Snakes in Gold Case

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