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New Ganesh, Buddha, and Other Amulets on New Site

We just posted the nicest Ganesh (Ganesha) amulet we have ever had in our collection.

See it here: Premium Ganesh

We have been silently adding some of our amulets to our new shopping cart system over at ThaiAmuletSales.com. Click one of the links on this page to see Thai amulets we have - some of which we have never published before. As we fill up these pages we’ll have all of our over 600 amulets at the shopping cart!



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New Thai amulet product page on revised, mobile compliant website, ThaiAmuletSales.com.

Adding New Products at Our New Amulet Site

We have been updating, revising, shooting photos, writing copy, and getting everything ready for the new Thai Amulet Sales site which went live yesterday. We were just adding products and realized the number of great features the new site has.

If you use the site now, you can choose any of the links off the home page and they will take you to Thai amulet pages that have our old inventory displayed. So, most of what you have found in the past is still on this new site, but we’ll be phasing out those pages over time.

Today we are adding new content, some of the amulets, necklaces, and bracelets are entirely new. We’re excited to finally be adding new amulet products to the site that we’ve had in some cases, for years already - but nobody knew!

If you click the SHOPPING MALL link in the upper right side of the new site you can see our current inventory in the new system. You can shop for amulets and other Buddhist items by photo, sort by price, and search by categories or tags. We only have about 30 necklaces and 5 amulets in there now, but we’re adding more every day. We have nearly 1,000 products to offer now, so it will be a few weeks before we’re fully up to date.

We are ready for 2015. We are also excited to announce that we’ve begun ramping up some of our other amulet and meditation sites for this new year. More changes coming, and hopefully you’ll find some Buddhas, Kwan Yins, Ganesha, and other monk items you haven’t seen before.

If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see more of, do let us know.

With Metta,

JOY B. 😛

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New Thai amulet sales website screenshot.

New Mobile Compliant Thai Amulet Shopping Website

We’ve been at work for the last couple of weeks on a new project that has been a long time in coming - a new ThaiAmuletSales website!

Finally we’ll be able to do many things with the website we couldn’t do before.

Like what?

Revisions to Our Thai Amulet Sales Website:

  • easy to add new Thai amulets, necklaces, and bracelets - ANY PRODUCTS!
  • customers can now shop by PayPal or Credit Card (AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD) easier than ever
  • customers can easily request an invoice to pay with credit card or PayPal
  • customers can easily search for all products on the site by category, tag, item number, or name
  • customers can sort product lists easily based on price!
  • we can give coupon codes to customers to use during payment!
  • we can easily recommend other products you might like based on what you’ve already viewed
  • many new Thai amulets and necklaces added
  • bigger fonts and easier to read on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • mobile ready for all devices - instantly transforms the format to display appropriately
  • cleaner code which makes it faster

Please be patient for a couple of weeks while we iron out the details of this major upgrade. There will be pages you cannot find, and images that don’t pop up. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and let us know!

Thank you to our customers over the past seven years. It has been an amazing time, and we’ve been happy to serve so many people and help the world find Thai amulets and accessories!

With Metta!

Joy B.



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There is a radiating aura behind this Buddha's head, signifying enlightenment (nibbana) and freedom from suffering. The Buddha is white in a pearl shell finish and the case is a lovely silver rim case..
These they are just $79.95. We have white and gold styles - both same price. If you want, let us know quickly we have 1-2 of each color. Comes with free necklaces, bracelets, and shipping worldwide.

Sample of New Thai Amulet Styles

A few samples of new amulets we’ll be putting on the main ThaiAmuletSales.com site in a few days. We took hundreds of photos today of new amulets, bracelets, and necklaces to hold the Thai amulets. We’re excited to get them up on the store and see which you like.

Here are a few teasers:

Here Buddha is meditating in a full-lotus seated position on top of a lotus flower pod, and the entire amulet is in the shape of a Bodhi tree leaf. The Bodhi tree is what Buddha sat under as he attained nibbana.
We have a few of these and if you order before we get them on the website, they are just $24.95. Comes with free necklaces, bracelets, and shipping worldwide.

These are detailed Buddhas surrounded by Naga (serpents, snakes) in an outline around Buddha’s head. The case is gold plated and in great shape. These are just $59.95. Comes with free necklaces, bracelets, and shipping worldwide.

This is an exceptional find we got lucky to find. It was on the shelf behind all the other amulets and other Buddhist items. We overlooked it on the first pass, but we usually look 2-3 times to make sure we don’t miss anything. This was on the 3rd pass we saw it and couldn’t believe it. This is a very nicely done carved stone Buddha. Not sure the stone type, it could be jade or some other very heavy stone. This is just about 5-6 inches high and would be a great addition to anyone’s Buddhist altar. From Wat Tum Sua, Southern Thailand. This is a one of a kind and we cannot find more. Never saw one like this. Before we put it at the website we’ll only ask $295.95 if someone wants it quickly. Comes with free amulet, necklace, bracelets, and shipping worldwide.

There is a radiating aura behind this Buddha’s head, signifying enlightenment (nibbana) and freedom from suffering. The Buddha is white in a pearl shell finish and the case is a lovely silver rim case..
These they are just $79.95. We have white and gold styles - both same price. If you want, let us know quickly we have 1-2 of each color. Comes with free necklaces, bracelets, and shipping worldwide.

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New Styles - Thai Amulets; Necklaces; Bracelets!

We just returned from a big shopping trip and will have some new styles of Thailand amulets and necklaces and bracelets. This trip was to focus on getting more silver colored amulets in silver cases, white amulets in silver cases, and some unique shapes and styles of amulets we have never sold before. Stay tuned, we’re going to ramp up the design of our site and get rid of some old inventory as well as add new pages and new formatting to the site.

We bought over 300 amulets today, and we bought over 700 necklaces, and more than 900 bracelets. We have a lot of photos to take!

In addition we also spent a lot on some solid silver amulets we found that were really special. if you have an interest in some really lovely solid silver Buddha amulets for gifts for loved ones in stainless or solid silver cases - let us know and we’ll show you the pages as they go live at the blog here!

One thing in particular that we bought today that we’re extra excited about is a Buddha carved from a white stone. It is NOT ivory, we don’t ever sell that. It is not white jade. It is a stone that is lovely, and the detail on this little statue (6 inches high?) is really nice. We’ll be selling it here within a few days. Just need some good photos.

OK, make sure you come back and visit us in the next few days and weeks to see which new amulets are getting put up here. We typically put all amulet necklaces here first, and later add them to the main ThaiAmuletSales.com site. This is the ThaiAmuletSales.com/blog/ site. They are sister sites, and related, but not the same really. You can see the different formatting and information on each of them. The Thai Amulet Sales Blog is more updated for sure!

Ok, see you here in a day or so… :))

With Metta Friends!

Joy B

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Green jade Buddha Thai amulet from Thailand with gold case.

Thai Amulets En Masse

We are in the process of updating Thai Amulet Sales to include many new amulets that we have, but haven’t yet listed. We just added some new amulets at these pages:

Thai Buddha Amulets

Other Thai Buddhist Amulets

Thai Ganesh Amulets

Thai Luang Phor Tuad Amulets

Thai Blessed Buddhist Bracelets

Thai Amulet Necklaces

Currently there are over 250 Thai amulets on-site and we have another hundred to publish in the next few weeks.

We are running a special right now - buy 1 get 1 free. The free amulets depend on the total of your order. We’re being quite generous and nobody has been disappointed. If you want to order any amulets - order them before the special runs out. We’re not sure how long we’ll let it run.


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