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Very rare white jade Buddha - in the Som Dej style.

Jade Buddhas!

Very rare white jade Buddha - in the Som Dej style.

We have a small group of these rare (unique) white jade Buddhas from a remote Thailand Buddhist temple.

We have been doing some visiting of remote Buddhist temples in Thailand to see what we could find for awesome amulets to offer you here at Thai Amulet Sales… when we discovered some really cool green jade Buddhas! We have two different kinds of Buddha to show you. We have a very limited number of these - so, when they are gone - they are truly gone. We don’t anticipate the temple having more - or that we’ll be in the same area to buy more if they did make more.

These jade Buddhas are the round (jolly), some say ‘fat’ Buddha that is smiling big. Typically we say these are Chinese Buddhas because that is where this iteration of Buddha came from. There are many Chinese Buddhists in Thailand - and sometimes the monks at the temple will make these round, happy, laughing Buddhas. We’re glad they did - these are some really beautiful amulets for necklaces.

So, that was a couple of months ago. Right - we never put those Jade Buddhas up on the site yet! (No pictures of them here either - yet).

Now, two days ago - we were at one of our favorite remote Buddhist temples in the northeast of Thailand and found a really beautiful collection of “White Jade Buddha Amulets.”  These Buddhas were made from the jade chips created when the temple commissioned a giant 8 foot solid white jade Buddha for their main building - “bot” at the temple. They didn’t want to waste any of the expensive white jade pieces, so they carved them into Som Dej Buddhas! (See top photo).

We were SO lucky to arrive when we did because they still had some left. We quickly bought all we could and we’ll offer these new white Buddhas on our new premium Buddha site: www.AllBuddhas.com shortly.

This is a very limited collection and each jade Buddha in the collection will be sold only with the solid silver cases seen here -

Solid Silver Amulet Cases

Oh, and one more thing…

Very Rare Petrified Wood Buddha Amulet from Thailand

Millions of years old - ultra-rare petrified wood Buddha amulet from northeastern Thailand

While we were at this temple we saw some brown toned Buddhas in different shapes.

The monk actually brought these Buddhas out from behind the counter. They were not on display - but, when he saw how much I loved the white jade amulets - he thought I’d like these too.

They were beautiful… but I thought they were just glass. Until I picked one of these Buddha amulets up. It was very heavy. Heavier than a rock. I thought - that’s weird…

I asked my wife to ask what it was made out of.

The monk pulled out a large and VERY heavy (I held it) piece of petrified wood from behind the counter. It was millions of years old - and the temple created these Buddha amulets from petrified wood - which has turned to a very dense rock!

So, we bought as much as we could (we needed to go to the ATM) and we got some more exceptional, rare, and totally unique Buddha amulets for you now!

Give us a few days to get these new rare amulets up on the site. These will be part of a special “Sisaket” collection of jade Buddha and petrified wood Buddha amulets. They will be expensive, but guaranteed they are absolutely one of a kind! We are most excited as you can probably tell!

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Green Thai Jade Buddha Amulets

Green jade Buddha amulet from Thailand with free shipping worldwide.

$99.95 - Green jade Buddha amulet from Thailand Buddhist temple. Free shipping worldwide.

Green jade buddha amulet from a side view.


Plain back - Green Jade Buddha Amulet


We have four of these green jade Buddha amulets- each is a little different, but they’re all in the same style. Keep in mind the one you get may not be exactly like the one you see here - but it will be VERY close.

These are lovely charms which you could put into a necklace or just keep in your home on your dresser.

As I said, we only have 4 of these and we’ve never sold anything jade before these Buddha amulets. We expect them to sell quickly so if you want one - order quickly so you get one. We hate to disappoint people that order late - by saying we don’t have it anymore…

Free shipping from Thailand to wherever you are in the world.

Order now if you like this one - we have very few.

Order the Green Jade Buddha Amulet here:

$99.95 + $FREE SHIPPING = $99.95 shipped worldwide.

Sold out in 1 week. Sorry!
Check out our new white jade Buddhas and petrified rock Buddhas at our new Premium, Rare, and One of a Kind Amulets Section!

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