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Saturday (3)

New Birthday Charms - Day of Birth Pendants

We have 7 new Thai Buddha birthday pendants up at our main Thai Amulet Sales site today - as a result of a 3 hour effort until 2 am last night. I never think it will take very long - and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to optimizing for Google so it always takes a lot longer than I predicted at the start.

These are Day of Birth Buddha Pendants - Each day shows Buddha in a different pose. If you were born on Saturday you’d see this amulet on the right which is Buddha sitting in a meditation posture (half-lotus) sitting position on top of the coiled naga (serpent) body and with the cobra heads outlining his head from behind. This is a classic figure and widely used in Buddhist temples and shrines across Thailand.

If you’re going to buy a birthday gift for a fellow Buddhist family member, friend, or loved one you should have a look at these very unique gifts from Thailand. Aren’t you tired of buying the same boring gifts for birthdays?

These birthday charms - pendants are also ideal gifts for graduation and even Christmas. Buy one for someone just because you love them - they’re pretty inexpensive and we can ship them immediately for just $9 shipping - worldwide.

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Colorful Buddha Charms for Bracelets

We have many colors of these small Buddha charms - you can choose whatever colors you wish - by emailing us after you purchase however many you need.

We can mail these Budda charms together - up to 4 at a time - save a lot of shipping because we usually only send one amulet per envelope. These lovely colorful Buddha charms are small enough that we can send four.

If you’d like to see our entire collection of Buddha and Buddhist talismans, charms, amulets, and accessories please visit our home  page:

Thai Amulet Sales (.com)

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