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Unseen Buddhas!

Here are some photos of some Buddha amulets, most of which we have never shown to the public before. There are many reasons for this but mostly because we just didn’t put them up on the website because it takes too much time to edit the html pages. Here on the blog, it is much easier. Most of our newer amulets are on this blog. Most of the amulets on this blog, we have in stock. We have about 90% of the amulets at the main ThaiAmuletSales.com site in stock, but we’re missing about 10%.

If you like one of these amulets, email for a price. Tell me row and column numbers so I can understand which one it is that you like. These are some of our odds and ends amulets, but some are rare and we haven’t seen anything like them. If you would like to buy multiple amulets, just let us know which and we’ll put together a good price for you - as good as we can.

These amulets are not on sale now, or from previous sales. We only have 1 of most of the amulets in the photos below. The exceptions are the gold and silver cased amulets - some of those we have more than just 1.

Note - Click to enlarge and see the Buddhist amulets in higher definition.

Click to enlarge and see the Buddhist amulets in higher definition.

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New Metal Triangle Buddha Amulets for 2014

Here is a small sample of new Buddha amulets in the triangle shape we have sourced for 2014. We have another twenty styles of metal amulets - bronze, stainless steel, brass, nickel, iron, and some alloys that we purchased in 2013, but we have yet to post either here or on our main amulet shopping site - ThaiAmuletSales.com.

For now the amulets below are available in very limited quantity (1-2) and we are going to try to sell them before we post them at our main site. If you are interested in one of the amulets below, see our email address at the bottom of this article and write us. Let us know your Paypal account name (email address) so we can send you an invoice.

All Amulet Purchases Include:

  • Worldwide shipping paid for by US
  • Free necklace to match your amulet
  • Free blessed Buddhist bracelets


This is a bronze Buddha with some sacred Pali language writing on the reverse side. The height of this triangle amulet is about 2 inches. The base is about 1 ⅜ inches wide. Item #BUDTRI6. $24.95.



This is a stainless steel plated Buddha triangle (pyramid) amulet from Thailand.  The height of this triangle amulet is about 2 inches. The base is about 1 ⅜ inches wide. Item #BUDTRI5. $24.95. Like the amulet above, we only have 2 of these in stock.

This is a weathered bronze looking Buddha amulet in an often made style. This amulet is just over an inch high, and less than one inch wide. Item #BUDSOM3. $29.95.


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Solid Silver Buddha Jayanti 2600 Limited Edition Amulet

A solid silver limited edition Buddha Jayanti amulet celebrating 2600 years of Buddhas enlightenment.

Wat Mahathat Buddhist temple in Nakhon si Thammarat province, southern Thailand.

We have been focusing on buying very high quality amulets for the last year. Solid silver amulets are one of our favorites because they last forever, and you can hand them down to your children or other loved ones when you pass. We all pass eventually, and it’s nice to be able to give people special to us something they can remember us by, and then give to their children as well.

So, we’ve been focusing on solid silver amulets and especially rare and antique amulets lately. Keep checking back to this page at the blog (www.thaiamuletsales.com/blog/) to see the latest amulets we have on offer. The sad truth is we don’t have very many of our best amulets listed on the site anywhere. We’re trying to rectify that and add some of our really rare and special amulets here at the blog in separate posts.

We don’t have any more than this one Buddha Jayanti 2600 Solid Silver shield amulet from Wat Mahathat in southern Thailand. Once it is gone, there are no more. We haven’t seen any more of the solid silver amulets in this shield style from this temple. When they are initially offered at the temple they go quickly! We were really lucky to get this one shield pendant.

You’ll notice two things about this rare amulet…

1. The eyelet is sealed off. During the casting, this solid silver amulet is sealed as you see here. If you like, we can drill a hole for you so you can add a necklace and wear it around your neck. It is silver, so you will have to clean it with some silver cleaning solution every now and then. The nice thing about solid silver is that it won’t permanently discolor - it always wipes clean.

2. There is a limited edition number imprinted on the reverse side. This is a rare amulet that will not be made again. Buddha Jayanti amulets were made in June 2012 to commemorate the 2600th year of the Buddha. Many temples made similar amulets. Those from the Buddhist temples accorded the highest respect, are worth much more than those from no-name temples. The reason being, these amulets are blessed by the abbot and monks at these temples.

In Delhi, India there is a Jayanti Park that was created in the year 2,500 post-Buddha’s enlightenment. There was a giant festival in AD 2012 for the 2,600th year of the Buddha’s nirvana. The festival is also known as Sambuddhatva Jayanthi. Buddhist followers in many countries celebrate this auspicious time when the Buddha freed himself, and essentially, the world, from the power suffering has over us.

Item number is: BUDJAY2600SS

Dimensions: 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm (1.25″ x 1″) - approximately

This limited edition solid silver amulet is listed for just: $99.95

We don’t have a Paypal button set up for this amulet yet. If you want it, order quickly we really do only have one available. Our Paypal account is: [email protected] We give you a free necklace and some free blessed Buddhist bracelets with your purchase. Shipping is free and we send using International Registered Mail from Thailand with tracking.

Check back to this main blog page often so you can see our newest Buddhist amulets and other items as soon as we list them. Amulets you find on this blog will generally not be listed at our main Thai amulet shopping site - www.ThaiAmuletSales.com.


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A large 50 percent off sale on almost all Buddhist amulets, necklaces, bracelets, and yant flags. Click the image to see the special! Limited time only.

50% Off Sale - All Amulets Under $99, Yants, Necklaces, Bracelets

A large 50 percent off sale on almost all Buddhist amulets, necklaces, bracelets, and yant flags. Click the image to see the special! Limited time only.

We decided that we have entirely too much inventory on hand. After a quick count we came up with over 2,000 Thai amulets, over a thousand necklaces and well over 2,000 bracelets. We have about 50 yant cloths (yant flags)…

We are having a giant sale to see if we can sell a lot of this - at least half of it, so we can get some of the other amulets and Buddhist items we want to offer here.

We are not sure how long this sale will continue - but at least a week, possibly a month. We will have to see what the response is, and how long we can keep it up.

Remember, if you want to order items in bulk, let us know with an email first - we might be able to offer another discount on top of this special in that case. Of course, we may not be able to, but it’s worth a try.

A reminder…

We have a number of Buddha amulets - solid silver, rare white jade, very rare petrified wood Buddhas both at our main ThaiAmuletSales.com site, and our other site, All Buddhas (.com). These are generally over $100 USD, and are items that will last forever, being great keepsakes to hand down to family members and other loved ones. If you want to order a few of them at a time for Christmas, New Years, or any other reason, email us at [email protected] and let us know which amulets you prefer and we’ll come up with a custom price for you.

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Green Buddha shield amulet from Thailand to commemorate Buddhas enlightment 2600 years ago.

More New Thai Buddha Amulets

We took a road trip yesterday, we had to see a friend that was moving to China - and this was a long-time friend from university. We were able to get over to the temple to see if they had anything new in the Thai amulet market, and indeed they did.

I don’t know if we’ve mentioned it here on the amulet blog or not, but we’ve been trying to focus much more on the very high quality pieces, and not so much of those that might cause buyers some disappointment as they age. We have had very few buyers write to tell us that their amulets changed color on them drastically - only 2 people. Still, that was enough to cause us some concern because our intention is that everyone be happy with their purchase, and come back to purchase more amulets or other Buddhist memorabilia later.

So this trip was a focus on quality items, and we were able to find a few of them that were definitely worth purchasing to sell to you on the main ThaiAmuletSales.com site.

In June of 2012 there was a very auspicous Buddhist occasion that had Thailand celebrating in rare form - the 2600th anniversary of Buddha reaching enlightment (nirvana, nibbana). There are some Buddha shields commemorating that event below - we found a number of them, and bought all they had left. We hadn’t thought to visit the temple in June for that, focusing instead on local temple celebrations around our home. We should have gone to all the temples at that time. So, we learned something… still we were able to pick up some of these limited edition amulets for you.

Below you’ll see amulets we found in gallery format. Click to enlarge each. The Buddha shields will be offered for sale in a couple of places, and we will probably put them at our ALLBUDDHAS.com site as well, since they are quality Buddhas, like those we want to feature at that site. These will be affordable, despite the fact that we don’t think we can get anymore from the temple - this was all they had.

If you cannot find them for sale on either of our websites, just write us and let us know which one you like and we’ll make a Paypal invoice for it.


Joy B.

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Silver Thai Buddha amulet

All Our Buddha Amulet Necklaces

This page lists all the links to our various pages of Buddha amulet necklaces for sale at ThaiAmuletSales.com.

We have many different pages of Buddha amulets, and sometimes it is hard to figure out if you’ve seen them all or not. If you follow this page and open all these links - you’ll see all the Buddhas we have on the site.

Keep in mind, these amulets are original, new (in nearly all cases), and 100% authentic - purchased straight from local Theravada Buddhist temples in Thailand.



New Thai Buddhas

Silver Thai Buddha amulet
120 Buddha Amulets

Gold birthday Buddha amulet
Buddha Birthday Thai Amulets

Gold Buddha shield with blue background.
Newest Thai Buddha Amulets

Carved Buddha image in rock.
Unique Buddha Amulets

Stone Buddha in orange waterproof case.
Waterproof Buddha Amulets

Thin demon amulet
More Buddhist Amulets

White jade Somdej Buddha amulet
Jade Buddhas

Black petrified wood Somdej Buddha amulet
Petrified Wood Buddha

Gold cased Jinarat Buddha amulet
Thai Gold Buddha Amulets

Rare green jade Buddha amulet for necklace
Rare Buddhas

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Thailand Amulets

Here is an overview of the important Thailand amulets, as well as the state of amulet selling and buying in Thailand. We have a few different amulet sites, and, while we’re not world renowned experts on the amulets of Thailand - we have learned some things over these few years of selling them online and in our Thailand store.

How are Thai Amulets Worn?

Thai amulets are usually worn around the neck by Thais in Thailand. Some Thais wear one amulet, and some wear as many as 7 - one hanging down in the middle of the necklace, and 3 on each side. We rarely see any more than 7 amulets on one necklace, but we’re sure they are out there. Thais, as all Asians can be, are quite superstitious. Amulets arose out of this superstition. As such, there are amulets that came out of Animism - Thailand’s early religous roots, as well as Buddhism, Hinduism, and black magic type beliefs.

Some Thais hang their amulets from the mirror in their car. Some have shrines setup in their homes where they have dozens or hundreds of Thai amulets from every temple they’ve visited, and every Thai holiday they’ve ever witnessed at these shrines.

Thais believe that all amulets should be worn at head/chest level, and not kept in the pocket. Amulets should never be worn around the waist, legs, or feet - as this shows disrespect to the religion and the followers. In a similar way, images of the King of Thailand should never be worn near the feet.

What Historical Figures Are the Subject of Thai Amulets?

Typical Thailand Buddhist amulets have figures such as: Buddha, Kwan Yin, and some famous monks like Luang Phor Tuad, Luang Phor Klai, Phra Bit Tar (Biddar) and others. Sometimes the Kings of Thailand (Rama 1-9) are featured. We even sell an amulet that has portraits of all 9 Thai kings on it. Thais do love their kings, and many amulets feature King Rama V, and IX - Thailand’s current king, King Bhumibol.

The Hindu influence on Buddhist amulets can be seen with Ganesh (Ganesha) - the elephant amulets, Shiva, and other gods and goddesses.

There are such colorful characters as Lersi, Tigers, Demons, Guman Thong, and others that give a wide-breadth of figures. There is an amulet for everyone, from child to an elderly Thai on his deathbed.

By far Buddha amulets are the most popular and the most worn amulet Thais purchase. I would say then, Luang Phor Tuad, Thailand’s most famous monk - has the 2nd most wearers in the country.

Where Do Thai Amulets Come From?

Keep in mind that Buddhist amulets found in Thailand are two things… one, a religious symbol to those that believe in Buddhism, and two, a money-making scheme for dishonest companies to take advantage of good Buddhist followers.

Amulets are sometimes given directly from monks. We have some amulets that were given to us over the years from monks (Phra) at our local Buddhist temples. These are not to be sold, and most Thais hold them in special esteem. If you visit Thailand and see a bit of the country, not just one area - you will find that some monks are into amulets as lucky, bringing health, fortune, or love, and some are not at all. In fact, western monks like those found at Wat Pah Nanachat in Warin Chamrap, Thailand - Ubon province, do not have amulets at all. There are no amulets sold there at the temple, and they do not talk about special powers of amulets - choosing instead to focus on what Buddha said and did - as the way to reaching nibbana (nirvana).

Wat Suan Mokkh in Chaiya, Surat Thani province is another temple that does not even sell 1 amulet for visitors. Buddhadasa Bhikku, the first monk and founder of Wat Tum Sua didn’t believe in amulets as having any power at all, and frequently called them a product of superstitious minds. Buddha himself was not known to wear amulets.

Other monks are well-versed in the powers of amulets, and when they bless an amulet - it gains even greater power. Wat Tum Sua’s Ajarn Jumnien (Teacher Jumnien) is one such monk of Chinese lineage that is now often known as Thailand’s good luck monk. Aj. Jumnien wears dozens of amulets at a time, and is sought after for his blessing and amulets - which are known to be exceptionally powerful. Chinese people mostly, from China, Malaysia, and Singapore come from far away to see Abbot Jumnien and donate money for his temple in Krabi, Thailand.

Wat Tum Sua is our home temple, and where we get the majority of our amulets from. The temple is beautiful and well worth a stop if you happen to be in southern Thailand.

What Are Amulets Made Of?

Thailand amulets are typically made of hard materials like: iron, tin, brass, copper, bronze, silver, pewter, marble, jade, crystal (rarely), granite, petrified wood (very rarely), glass, wood, ceramic, clay, and other materials.

Fake versus Real Amulets

Amulets from Thailand are easy to replicate as fakes, and this is a giant business, not only in Thailand, but, across the globe as companies are formed to take advantage of well-meaning Buddhists that want to protect their families’ health, or ensure good karma. It is not difficult to manufacture fake amulets, because the expensive amulets - the genuine amulets from many years ago, were made with simple technology and there are no real secrets any longer about which is a real or fake amulet. The experts cannot tell fake amulets from real in many cases. In fact, recently some very expensive and rare amulets were judged to be fake at a conference of “experts” and later proven to be genuine amulets with great power. A collector bought them before the discovery - for very little money, and was rewarded with millions of Thai baht as a result.

We spent 2-hours yesterday looking at amulets that were being sold on eBay and we were appalled. Amulets that are found for $3 are selling for $150. Amulets that are no more than $10 to buy in Thailand in rip-off amulet stores - are selling on eBay for $250 and we even saw one for more than $400.

The state of the amulet industry is rather sad. How can someone from Canada, Australia, Tahiti, Spain, UK, or Czechoslovakia buy genuine amulets from real Buddhist temples?

Here at www.ThaiAmuletSales.com we wanted to come up with a way for Buddhists across the world to buy genuine Thai amulets from Thailand, without any chance of forgery or ill-intent. We came upon a simple solution.

We offer Thai Buddhist amulets only bought at the Buddhist temples in Thailand.

That’s it. We don’t buy from non-Buddhist sources.

You can be absolutely sure that the amulets you’re buying are genuine articles, crafted from Buddhist hands.


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More Thai Buddha Amulets Added 7-4-11

We just added another 19 Thai Buddha amulets to the main (THAIAMULETSALES.com) site. Some of them we put at our New Buddha Amulets page, and others we’ll add later. We also have another 80 different amulets we’ll get online in the next few days.

If you get a chance, check it out. Here are some of the amulets we just made available:


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11 New Thai Buddha Amulets Added to Store

Recently we added another near dozen Buddha amulets to our Buddha sales page and now we’re up to 120 different Buddhas for sale there (ThaiAmuletSales.com).

Here are the Buddha thumbnails so you can see which amulets we added. Go to the “All Buddha Amulets” page (click) to see more information and for ordering these amulets.

White Pearl Shell Like Small Buddha White Jinaraj Thai Buddha Amulet Gold Jinaraj Buddha in Fancy Gold Case

Tricolor Amulet - Buddha in Meditative Position on Coiled Naga Snakes Emerald Green Buddha in Lovely Gold Case Silver Buddha in Silver Case

Brass Buddha in Gold Case Silver Buddha Somdej Style in Gold Case Colorful Jatukam Buddha Amulet

Emerald Green Buddha in Raindrop Shaped Gold Case Gold Buddha on Coiled Naga Snakes in Gold Case

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Chubby Buddha Statue (Laughing Buddha)

Laughing Buddha (Hotei, Pu Tai)

Who is the Laughing Buddha?

Chubby Buddha Statue (Laughing Buddha)Originally known as Pu Tai or Hotei, the chubby (fat) laughing Buddha is a Chinese monk, Chan - a zen monk that lived over a millenium. The laughing Buddha is not part of Thai Buddhism, or Theravada Buddhism, but is a part of Maitreya Buddhism. In China they refer to this Buddha as the love Buddha or friendship Buddha. Many people wear these Buddha amulets in China. Well, many more than do in Thailand.

In Thailand I have seen only a couple large statues of the laughing Buddha. You can see one here that is at a very small temple with a large cave. The name of this temple is Wat Promrattanporn and it’s located in Krabi province, on the way out to Huay Toh waterfall outside of Krabi town. This is a very small wat, but it has a couple amazing things to see in the large cave. There are only a handful of Thai monks here - and I guess it originally had a Chinese abbot - though now the abbot appears to be Thai originally.

The laughing Buddha stands for many things… he is said to be the patron of the weak, the underpriviledged, and especially for children - with his jolly countenance.

Often times you will see the laughing Buddha with a bag full of something. I always guessed it was money, but, apparently it is filled with rice plants, sweets for children, food, and other things to help the unfortunate people of the world.

If we had laughing Buddha amulets - would you like to buy one? Please write us at [email protected] and let us know. We might be able to find some for you.

In some sculptures and drawn images the laughing Buddha is sitting on a cart and pulled by kids. Sometimes he is holding an OOGI - a fan that indicated to followers that if they wished something - it would be followed with a fan from the OOGI.

Pu Tai was an ascetic monk with no real home. He traveled across the country of China and brought goodwill to those that didn’t enjoy a priveleged life.

In this image I think the Buddha (long ears and Buddha hair) is a cross between the laughing Chinese Buddha and the regular Theravada Buddha - skinny - gaunt. This Buddha is not smiling but looks friendly. He has two bags of something. If I remember correctly, the one is a bag of money - of gold pieces. The other - I’m not sure. Candy for kids like the Laughing Buddha?

Again, this  is found at Promthepprattanporn Cave in Krabi, Thailand.

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