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New Premium Somdej Amulet from Wat Mahathat

This is a new premium amulet we just got lucky to find at Wat Mahathat in Nakhon si Thammarat in Thailand’s southern province of Nakhon.

Somdej amulets are made at the major temples across Thailand. We’ve not seen many Somdej made at Wat Mahathat in Southern Thailand. This is the nicest looking Somdej we’ve ever seen at the temple. The price we paid was high, but we thought it was worth it in case one of you want to collect this special amulet that is in a series. We can only get a couple more of these, assuming our source hasn’t sold them all out the next time we go back.

Order with confidence, we’ve been in business for six years and steadily growing. We only sell amulets direct from Buddhist temples in Thailand so there is never an issue of - is it real? It’s real. The temples don’t sell fake, unblessed amulets to us.

This amulet is not part of the current, or any previous sales. The price listed is good until 9/21/14.

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This is a very rare (there are only a few left at the temple) amulet that we were very lucky to see before they all sold out. We only purchased one because the price was higher than we’ve ever bought amulets for. We hope someone wants to collect this amulet. If we sell this one, we will go buy one for ourselves to give to our daughter when we pass on. This comes with the box.
We are offering this for a short time - until 21 Sept 14 for just $399. We can put a solid silver case on this amulet for you for $50. If you want to order more than one we can cut the price slightly. You’ll need to give us some time to get over there to buy more. :)

This is the reverse side, showing Wat Mahathat’s main Chedi. Wat Mahathat is the central temple for millions of Buddhists in Southern Thailand.

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