Premium Thai Buddhist Amulet Collection for Sale


Upper Left Quadrant Close-up:


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Lower Right Quadrant Close-up:

Here are some of the best amulets we have in stock put together in one amulet tray for you to have a look at.

We are having a giant clearance sale, so we thought we’d put together the best Thai Buddhist amulets we have and see if anyone is interested in buying the whole collection at once for a very deep discount.

The amulets listed here cost us, at the temple, over 92,000 THB. That is roughly $3,060.00 US Dollars. We bought all of these direct from the Buddhist temples located in Thailand - most of them from the world famous, Nakhon Si Thammarat temple named, “Wat Mahathat.”

There are 4 rows and 10 columns of amulets in this collection. If you are interested in purchasing just one of them, please refer to the row (1-4) and the column (1-10) like Row 3 Column 6 so we know for instance, in this case you’re interested in the solid silver Jatukam style Buddha with Blue Ceramic glaze.

Most of these items are solid silver, two are silver plated. The amulets that look like copper - are copper. The darker ones are bronze.

Row three contains 9 Jatukam style Buddha amulets from the famous series. This is a complete series, a complete amulet set.

There are 43 amulets here in this unique collection.

The price for the entire tray will be 59,999 THB or $1,999.99 USD - whichever you prefer at the time of purchase. The nines are for luck, of course.

If you were to come to Thailand and attempt to find these amulets on your own, you could not replicate the ones we have collected here. This collection was gathered over the course of six years of trips back and forth to the temple to see what they had available. There are VERY few good Jatukam Ramathep amulets left for sale, and when we them, we buy them immediately. These are not the only amulets we have - some of these we have duplicates, but of course they have different series numbers and are uniquely made.

If you are looking for a very unique collection of amulets, coins, or something else to give to your son or daughter, your friend, your niece or nephew before you pass on, this would be an ideal gift because the value of the collection will only increase as items that are similar become less available over time.

If you would like to see any of the amulets featured here in a separate, high resolution photo, just ask and we’ll send it to you by email.

The price for this collection will be offered until January 14, 2014. If you are interested in the whole collection, please act fast because probably we will have buyers begin to purchase some of the individual amulets they love in this collection - and we don’t have duplicates of all the amulets, we may have to deduct the price of that amulet from the cost of the entire collection.

Thai Amulet Collection Details:

  • 9 Jatukam Ramathep round amulets (row 1, columns 1-9)
  • 15 Buddha amulets in Jatukam (round) style (row 1 col 1-6; row 3 col 1-9)
  • 1 Tri-color Jinnarat Buddha shield (row 1 col 10)
  • 2 Pra Bidda (Bid Da) amulets in Jatukam style (row 2 col 9-10)
  • 4 Ajarn Jumnien Amulets (monk Jumnien) (row 2 col 7-8)
  • 1 Solid Copper Sothorn Buddha amulet (row 3 col 10)
  • 1 Kun Pan Solid Silver amulet in Jatukam style
  • 7 Luang Phor Tuad (monk) amulets in various styles
  • 3 Solid Silver Buddha Shields (row 4 col 8-10)

If you are interested in this whole collection, or some of the individual amulets, just write: [email protected]