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Which is the Best Thai Amulet?

We have a couple thousand amulets. We are not into the superstition of them, we buy them from local Theravada Buddhist temples so we can pass on to you, or to collect for ourselves. We have a number of special amulets that we like a lot, and most of them were given to us by […]

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New Luang Phor Tuad Amulets from Thailand for 2014

We were lucky to find a number of nice Luang Phor Tuad amulets on this recent trip across the country to find authentic amulets at Thai Buddhist temples (Theravada temples). Below are some of the LPT amulets we found and have in stock today. If you are interested in purchasing some of them, just email […]

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Ajarn Jumnien Love & Money Amulets

You know, we have hundreds of amulets that just never made it to our website yet. We’ll be making an effort to get some of them online here at the blog so you can have a look at them and choose if you like them. These Thai amulets in the image above show some rare […]

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Silver Scroll with rolled bark Takrud #TAKRUD100

New Batch of Good Luck Takrud Amulets

Here are some photos of some Takrud amulets (rolled scrolls) that we have not yet put on the site for sale. Takruds are rolled up scrolls of bark, paper, brass leaf, gold leaf, silver leaf, tin, cloth, animal skin, or something else that can be written on or engraved upon. Takruds have a long history […]

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Front of Special Edition Collector's Amulet featuring Wath Tham Suea Buddhist Temple in Krabi, Thailand.

Very Rare Collector Edition Silver Buddhist Amulet

This is an exceptional collectors edition amulet we were lucky to find at our local temple. Ajahn Jumnien, the featured monk, is known as Thailand’s Good Luck Monk. He has followers all over the world, in Singapore, Korea, Japan, Burma, India, Thailand of course, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Australia - literally all over the world. […]

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A multi-colored Jatukam amulet from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Wat Mahathat temple.

More Jatukam Amulets - Largest Authentic Collection Available in World?

We just purchased a large number of Jatukam amulets. We have over 100 at this point, and they are, for the most part - the best ones we could find. Today we found some real gems. I don’t think we’ve priced an amulet - Jatukam or otherwise, at more than $139 USD, but we’re going […]

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Ganesh - god of obstacles

Thai Good Luck Amulets and Symbols from Thailand

There are many types of good luck amulets in Thailand, and some of them we sell here on this site - well, at our main website - Thai Amulet Sales (.com). Thais and most Asian nations have a lot of superstitions… Thais came from a background of Animism before there was Buddhism at all. Hinduism […]

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1st Edition Ajarn Jumnien Good Luck Amulet - A Great Find!

I found a new Ajarn Jumnien 1st edition Good Luck Amulet at the temple - and I could not be happier - talk about lucky! I was looking around the temple at some of the amulet stands I don’t usually go to. There were a number of new counters that opened up recently, and I […]

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Ajahn Jumnien

Ajahn Jumnien Healing Hands & Good Luck Amulet

Ajahn Jumnien’s silver healing hands and personal protection from harm amulet is one of our biggest sellers. It’s very affordable and we usually sell every one that we get in stock. Currently we have about 5 in stock. Usually we can get more, but sometimes there is one hand on the reverse side and sometimes […]

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Round, gold Ajahn Jumnien good luck amulet from Wat Tum Sua, Thailand

Ajahn Jumnien Good Luck Amulet in Gold Case

This is one of our best selling Thai good luck amulets featuring Thailand’s “good luck monk”, Ajahn Jumnien, the abbot from Wat Tum Sua in southern Thailand. Ajahn Jumnien is a world-traveler. Currently (6/15/09) he is in Malaysia. He visits India, Malaysia, USA, England and many other countries during the course of a year. He […]

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