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There is a radiating aura behind this Buddha's head, signifying enlightenment (nibbana) and freedom from suffering. The Buddha is white in a pearl shell finish and the case is a lovely silver rim case..
These they are just $79.95. We have white and gold styles - both same price. If you want, let us know quickly we have 1-2 of each color. Comes with free necklaces, bracelets, and shipping worldwide.

Sample of New Thai Amulet Styles

A few samples of new amulets we’ll be putting on the main site in a few days. We took hundreds of photos today of new amulets, bracelets, and necklaces to hold the Thai amulets. We’re excited to get them up on the store and see which you like. Here are a few teasers:

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Baby Nong Kwak business prosperity statue

New Thai Buddhist Statues for Sale

Our New Buddhist Statues -> We have a new page at Thai Amulet Sales - with 7 new Buddhist statues that I decided to offer for sale in case anyone wants one. These are brass, bronze and probably a couple pewter statues of: Nong Kwak statue - a business prosperity amulet where Nong Kwak is […]

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