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Unseen Buddhas!

Here are some photos of some Buddha amulets, most of which we have never shown to the public before. There are many reasons for this but mostly because we just didn’t put them up on the website because it takes too much time to edit the html pages. Here on the blog, it is much easier. Most of our newer amulets are on this blog. Most of the amulets on this blog, we have in stock. We have about 90% of the amulets at the main site in stock, but we’re missing about 10%.

If you like one of these amulets, email for a price. Tell me row and column numbers so I can understand which one it is that you like. These are some of our odds and ends amulets, but some are rare and we haven’t seen anything like them. If you would like to buy multiple amulets, just let us know which and we’ll put together a good price for you - as good as we can.

These amulets are not on sale now, or from previous sales. We only have 1 of most of the amulets in the photos below. The exceptions are the gold and silver cased amulets - some of those we have more than just 1.

Note - Click to enlarge and see the Buddhist amulets in higher definition.

Click to enlarge and see the Buddhist amulets in higher definition.

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