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Some people ask us if we really have the amulets we sell. Today we got the idea to take photos of the amulet trays we have at the moment so you can see - we really have the amulets. We have over 2,500 amulets in stock presently - and we have more every week. We did not take photos of all our amulets - we cannot find enough trays to put them in. Soon as we find more trays we’ll take photos of those amulets too. (Updated 12/18/14)

Click the photo to see the high resolution photos of these amulets.

These amulets can be fitted with a traditional stainless steel case for free with purchase.

A stainless steel silver case can be added for free with purchase. Or, if you like, you can have a gold plated case - depending what is available.

These are some of our favorites just because it’s a relatively new Buddha style that combines solid silver, and ceramic glass glaze.

Some Buddhas, some Kwan Yin and dragons are found in this tray. There are holes for necklaces for most of these, or we can put on a stainless steel silver case for free with your purchase.

We have a really nice Luang Phor Tuad collection. We have some that are not shown here. If you are looking for premium LPT amulets, just ask.

Some miscellaneous amulet items we put in one tray.

Ganesh is the Hindu god of obstacles, placing or removing them. This is a very popular god among Thai, Malaysians, and Singaporeans!

Some of our premium Ganesh amulets mixed with others. See the white Ganesh oval at the bottom middle? It’s really lovely! Ideal gift for someone. We will have to find a nice case for it, that waterproof plastic case doesn’t have a hole for a necklace.

Some of our colorful waterproof and non-waterproof Buddha amulets from Thailand.

Every time we go to a temple we see what unique metal Buddha amulets they have and we buy five or ten. We never know what will sell, but we eventually we sell them all. These are great because they last lifetimes.

Here we’ve collected some of our premium Buddha amulets into one tray. We were going to sell this entire tray at one point, but then too many people bought items that were in it as singles.

This is a lovely collection of big Buddha triangles, most of which we found during our last trip to Nakhon Ratchasima.

We have a lot more waterproof amulets than what we show here. Most are in bags. We have waterproof Ganesh, Kwan Yin, Luang Phor Tuad and other Buddhist figures. Just ask.

We haven’t been big on selling clay Buddha amulets very much, but we may grow our collection. The thing is, clay amulets are faked easily and often. We only buy from the temple directly, and only purchase medium-priced amulets at the most. We don’t buy anything over $500 USD. There is just too much risk. All of the clay amulets you see on our site here are replicas of the orignal if they are Somdej, Sothorn, or other styles.

Some of our original style Jatukam Ramathep amulets from the original temple in Southern Thailand. These are affordable for most people - around $40. Just ask if one catches your eye.

BIrthday Buddha amulets are worn for the day of week a person was born. We have a few styles and all are between $35-50.

These are small Buddha triangles rectangles mostly. These are from temples all over Thailand, we buy them as we find them.

Monks and others amulet tray includes Nong Kwak, Pra Bittar (Pidt Ta), Garuda, Aj. Klai, Ajarn Jumnien, and more.

This is another big Buddhas tray with mostly triangles, but some turtles in gold case with bronze turtles inside the case.

This is a tray of Buddhas that have an odd shape that isn’t like traditional amulets. We just found a few nice white ones that we hope sell OK.

Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion in Hindu mythology. She is a well respected figure in Thai Buddhism too.

Takrud are shaped like small cyclinders. They are either rolled scrolls with prayers or sacred symbols (yants) on them, or they are hollow tubes you may be able to put something into.

Another group of miscellaneous amulets for sale. There are some dragons here, some Nawagote with 9 heads, some turtles, some phallus objects, and some Nong Kwak - good luck for businesses or for money coming in.

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