Black Magic Thai Amulet #AJJUMBLKMAG

Thai black magic Buddhist amulet with the clay and dirt from 7 sacred grave sites in Thailand. First time offer.
I didn’t look closely at this Thai black magic amulet for a number of weeks as I didn’t think there was anything much on it. I was surprised when I took it out of it’s protective cover and saw this. Then, I asked my friend – Pra Pornpitak, a monk at the temple what the sign said over the bowl of these. He told me that…These are made from the clay from 7 sacred burial sites here in Thailand. This is a black magic amulet that we’ve never seen at the temple before. It’s really quite unique. We can get custom silver cases for these amulets if you require. Really better to have it protected as they’re not likely to make these for long at the temple.



.9 inches long, .30 inches thick, .7 inches wide

Amulet measurements are approximate

There are sometimes black and sometimes brown Thai black magic amulets at the temple. The size varies a bit too. We send what we can find at the time of your order. 

This is a new amulet we will purchase from the temple for you when you

order securely through Paypal.

*10% of all sales goes back to the temple in the form of a donation.

Now just 1 left in stock – ORDER HERE

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