Best Selling Buddha Pendants – New Inventory

White Buddha Triangle Amulet in Gold Case
Our Number 1 Best Selling Thai Amulet

Today we picked up a big shipment of our top selling Buddha pendants – the gold and white triangle Buddha pendants with gold case.

Finally – and it’s been quite a while since we ordered them from the temple – over 6 months, and probably more like 8 or 9, but we’re not counting ;). Just happy to have some to sell to people that wanted them. There were only a couple people left on our waiting list for these white Buddha pendants – and we’ll mail those out tomorrow. The rest of those that were waiting finally gave up and chose the gold triangle instead – also an amazing amulet.

So, if you want the new white ones you’d better tell us soon – we don’t expect them to last – they always quickly. Same with the gold triangles – they go nearly as quickly, but luckily we’ve had those available more than the white amulets.

If you previously ordered a white Buddha and were on the waiting list – but now you want one – let us know asap!

Gold Buddha Pyramid Thai Amulet in Gold Case
Our Number 2 Selling Thai Amulet

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