Thai Buddha and Thai Buddhist Amulets Free Shipping and Ordering Information

This page contains everything you need to know about ordering and shipping. Information of special interest to: Singapore buyers, Malaysia buyers, USA buyers (click one).

1. Order Using the PayPal Buttons On Our Site. We will email you when we receive your order notice from PayPal. If you don’t get an email from us within 24 hours of your order, please send us email to tell us. We probably did not get your order from PayPal.

2. If You Don’t See Any Order Buttons on the site for the product you want,email us to make sure we have the item.

3. Contact Info For Us: [email protected]. This is also our primary PayPal account address that you can send money to directly if for some reason you don’t want to use our order buttons to process your order.

We email you upon receiving your PayPal payment in our account. We also email you shortly after we send out your amulet to let you know it is coming. Please email us when you receive your amulets or other items, so we can track how many days it took to arrive at your location. Thanks!

If your PayPal address is not your correct address - tell us immediately before we ship. If we have already shipped your amulet, we cannot be responsible for lost amulets if the address you list with PayPal is the wrong address. Sometimes we ship out same day. It would be a shame to lose your amulet.

4. All Shipping is FREE. But, we reserve the right to refund your Paypal transaction in the rare case that the shipping is too much money and actually costs us money to send it. (It happens with some promotions we run)

5. Multiple Items Purchased. Sometimes we send amulets in separate boxes. Customs tend to charge when they find multiple amulets in one box. If the amulets are more than $50 each, we usually send one at a time.

Bracelets we may ship 30-60 at a time. Yant cloths - we wouldn’t want to ship more than 10 at the same time. Buddhist stickers - we could ship 50 or so at the same time.

Please understand that customs is sometimes quite illogical in what they tax. We try to stay clear of them altogether because these are religious items that should not be taxed.

IMPORTANT - if you order more than one amulet, and you are not a prior customer - we will send 1-2 amulets at a time, and have you confirm you received each one before we send another. This is because if someone is attempting to scam us with bad credit card info they will order many amulets at once - and after we send them all - tell us they want a refund - and chargeback the credit card.

We send them slowly, so the first couple will take a while to receive them in this way. Your next order will go much faster as we can ship them more quickly.

6. Your Package is Coming From Thailand. We know average times it takes to reach destinations in Asia and in the west. To Singapore: 7-10 days. To Malaysia - 9 to 22 days (I know, it’s very long sometimes! No idea why.) To the USA and Canada it takes anywhere from 20-35 days. To reach Switzerland, one time it took only 4 days, another time it was 18 days. The UK typically takes at least 12 days and sometimes up to 30. Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, and Australia take between 11 and 20 days - usually.

7. If You Are Concerned About Your Package please don’t write us until you have gone over the limits above, or 30 days in waiting since we told you it was sent. There is really nothing we can do until that time. Hold tight - few orders have gone missing in the mail. Your amulets and other items will arrive!

8. Amulets Are Shipped “AIR MAIL” from Thailand. We add tracking if the order is over $40 USD. We don’t use a worldwide carrier like DHL or FedEx because it would cost $25 - $35 to mail these very lightweight amulets and accessories. Our prices are low, and we’d like to keep them that way.

9. Packaging Is Not “Pretty”! Amulets are placed in plastic zip-locked bags and then either wrapped in paper, foam, or bracelets. We pack for functionality - to ensure the amulets are not broken when they arrive, and to get through customs with a minimum of effort. Amulets are taped securely in a plastic bag to prevent them from rolling around in the envelope. The envelope is either white and red or plain brown and 5″ x 8″ in dimensions. It has bubble protection on the interior. If your amulet is thick we pack it well to protect it. We do not send gorgeous little gift boxes, they just attract too much customs attention. The envelopes we use are strong and unless someone runs a vehicle over your amulet, it will arrive just as we sent it. That said, some still break. Send photos of any breakage.

10. Customs is usually not a problem, though there is no guarantee your package will not be stopped by customs upon entering your country. You may be asked to pay a small customs fee you will remain responsible for. If you have such a thing occur, please write us and tell us - we try to keep up to speed on what’s happening in customs in different countries. Only a few people in 6 years have let us know this happened - so, we think it doesn’t happen often.

11. Returns, Refunds, Exchange. Sorry, as we are operating at a bare minimum profit and internationally, we cannot offer returns or refunds for items unless broken. We’ve not had anyone want to do so - and we’ve never written a policy on it until right now - but better to think ahead. Money orders, Western Union, and checks are not refunded, but, when you return the broken amulet(s) you will have a store credit until you choose other items.

We can’t accept exchanges either for these two reasons:

A) We purchase each amulet from the temple as it’s ordered. If you return one for exchange that means we need to hold that amulet until it’s resold. We don’t want to hold any amulets in inventory beyond what we have already.

B) The expense of mailing it back to us here in Thailand and us mailing out another one - will probably negate any benefit to either of us because we’d have to charge you a fee for the trouble.

12. Broken Items  - We’ve not had many amulets break in transit. Maybe 1 out of 100 shipped. Please take a detailed couple of pictures of the damage if your amulet or other item arrives broken. Send photos to: [email protected]

13. Countries We Do Not Ship To: Indonesia, Trinidad/Tobago, Romania, India, Pakistan, Russia, Cambodia, Nepal, Kyrgystan, Iran, Iraq, the continent of Africa. The reason is, because we have sent packages to these countries and a very high amount have been “lost in the mail system”. We can’t afford to send packages to these countries because we lose too much money doing so. If you are in one of these countries and you want to take the risk of loss yourself - you can send us Western Union for your purchase and we will attempt to send your package. If it makes it - great! We have had some people risk it and receive their items fine - usually this is the case. If the items don’t arrive - sorry, we cannot give you a refund. Sorry, it just makes no sense for us to lose a high percentage of packages sent to these countries.

14. Buyers From Singapore and Malaysia. Please be patient! We don’t know why, but buyers from these two countries are very concerned they are not going to receive their items. You ARE going to receive them, please just wait until they come in the mail. We have had many great experiences with buyers from your country - please relax so we can have another good experience! Thank you! :P