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Ajahn Jumnien Good Luck Amulet in Gold Case

Round, gold Ajahn Jumnien good luck amulet from Wat Tum Sua, ThailandThis is one of our best selling Thai good luck amulets featuring Thailand’s “good luck monk”, Ajahn Jumnien, the abbot from Wat Tum Sua in southern Thailand.

Ajahn Jumnien is a world-traveler. Currently (6/15/09) he is in Malaysia. He visits India, Malaysia, USA, England and many other countries during the course of a year.

He is a very kind Buddhist monk that always has time for people – though he comes back to his home temple only a few weeks out of the year!

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Colorful Buddha Charms for Bracelets

We have many colors of these small Buddha charms – you can choose whatever colors you wish – by emailing us after you purchase however many you need.

We can mail these Budda charms together – up to 4 at a time – save a lot of shipping because we usually only send one amulet per envelope. These lovely colorful Buddha charms are small enough that we can send four.

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Gold Encased Pyramid Buddha (also Gold)

Gold Buddha talisman with gold caseYes, we have the gold Buddhas too.

Gold seated Buddha on lotus flower Talisman. Finish on this talisman is a pearly gold which is hard to describe, but breathtaking to see. Truly beautiful.

We don’t keep inventory. When you order below we will visit the wat to pick up the talisman(s) you ordered. All talismans are new.

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Gold Encased Pyramid Buddha

White Buddha talismanIn this Thai talisman Buddha is sitting in a 1/2 lotus position in this pearly white triangle shaped case. When held in a bright light – especially the sun – the Buddha radiates a luminescent glow because of the pearly finish on this blessed talisman.

I provided a couple photos of the front to help show the detail and the real gold color of the case – since it’s hard to get both in the same image. (Click image to see sales page)

The back side is a jedi (chedi) which is usually a tall monument Thais kneel in front of to pray (5+ meters high).

This is one of our favorite talismans and one that we give as gifts to those close to us. The pearly finish along with the bright gold encasement is nothing short of dazzling. You will LOVE these gold amulets with the pearly finish.

All Talismans are new. After you order we visit the temple to pickup your talisman.

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*We give back to Tiger Cave Temple 10% of all money collected.

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