All Our Buddha Pendant Necklaces

This page lists some of the links to our various pages of Buddha pendant necklaces for sale at

We have many different pages of Buddha amulets, and sometimes it is hard to figure out if you’ve seen them all or not. If you follow this page and open all these links – you’ll see all the Buddhas we have on the site.

Keep in mind, these pendants are original, new (in nearly all cases), and 100% authentic – purchased straight from local Theravada Buddhist temples in Thailand.


New Thai Buddhas

Silver Thai Buddha amulet

Gold birthday Buddha amulet
Buddha Birthday Thai Amulets

Carved Buddha image in rock.
Unique Buddha Pendants

Stone Buddha in orange waterproof case.
Waterproof Buddha Pendants

Thin demon amulet
More Buddhist Pendants

White jade Somdej Buddha amulet
Jade Buddhas

Black petrified wood Somdej Buddha amulet
Petrified Wood Buddha

Gold cased Jinarat Buddha amulet
Thai Gold Buddha Pendants

Rare green jade Buddha pendant for necklace
Rare Buddhas

Click one of the below Buddhist figures to learn more and find amulets:

The Buddha – Happy Buddha – Jinaraj Buddha – Somdej Buddha

Kwan Yin – Ganesh – Nong Kwak – Luang Phor Tuad 

Jatukam Ramathep –  Thai Black Magic – Buddha Relics

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