All Kwan Yin Amulet Inventory

All 18 Kwan Yin Amulets Inventory (Goddess of Compassion)

Kwan Yin is widely revered by Chinese in Malaysia. We get most orders for her amulets from there and Singapore.

 Kwan Yin Amulets

Kwan Yin, Gwan Yin, Gwan Im, Kwan Im Collection

Her name is pronounced many different ways, no doubt a translation issue over Hindu to Thai and then to English. She is the goddess of compassion. She is almost always seen in a dress, or with the 1000 arms pose. We have some of our Kwan Yin amulets online here – and others we put at our Thai Buddha Amulets site. If you want to read more about her – an overview, click this: Kwan Yin.



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Tricolor Kwan YinTriangle in Gold Case

Item #K4004

2 x 1.5 cm

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Tricolor 1000 Arm Kwan Yin Amulet

Item #K5005
2.5 x 1.6 cm

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Gold 1000 Arm Kwan Yin in Gold Case

Item #K4005

2.5 x 1.6 cm


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  1. Hi ,
    I am interested of purchasing the Amulets but just to check are all the goddess Kwan Yin amulets are bless etc by ( monks or temple ) or is it just an ordinary item. I am keen of getting those that are bless or have Takrut.

  2. Hi there, I sent request to buy the Kwan Yin Amulet few days ago but doesnt receive any response.

    Please help to feeback

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