Ajahn Jumnean Seelasettho is the abbot and founder of this amazing temple in the south of Thailand named, Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Thumsua or Tum Sua or Tham Seua).

Ajahn Jumnean (Jumnien) was born in a very small “Ban” or village, in southern Thailand called “Banasan”. Banasan is part of the Suratthani province which also includes the beautiful islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangnan and Koh Samui. This small Thai village is located just south of Surat Thani town by about 40 km.

In the mid- 1970’s Ajahn Jumnean started this small temple that has grown in size and status in Thailand as a result of Ajahn Jumnean’s wonderful presence and dedication to spreading the good word of Buddhism to Thais’ and foreigners alike.

Every year Aj. Jumnien travels abroad to America to teach special meditation classes to students of Jack Kornfield, a famous western Buddhist author in the United States (California). There are many photos of Ajahn Jumnean visiting California and Chicago, Illinois for teaching meditation courses.

Here is a chapter about Ajahn Jumnean in a book written by Jack Kornfield and offered for preview at Google Books.  Book >

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Here is a video of Ajarn Jumnean (Aj. Jumnearn) 30 years ago talking about the devil… evil… there are 3 more parts on Youtube… this is 1/4.

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