Sawasdee Ka/Krup! (Hello!)

Welcome to our small site!

We created this site because it benefits a lot of people:

  • Wat Tum Sua benefits because we buy all our amulets from them at the regular price - we don’t ask for discounts even when buying multiple amulets. Their prices are reasonable enough as it is!
  • Thailand benefits because some of their Buddhist products are able to go across the world and bring smiles to foreign faces!
  • We benefit as the go-between you and the temple since they don’t have any means of selling the amulets online. They do sell to the thousands of tourists that visit the temple to see the huge 99 meter chedi or to brave the torturous climb up the 1,237 steps to the top of the mountain.
  • You benefit because you become caretaker of a beautiful new amulet that will remind you about Buddhism and what it means to you. And, you pay via a secure system that is the defacto standard for online payment processing.
  • Wat Tum Sua benefits again because we give back 10% of all profits made on selling their beautiful & blessed amulets!

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