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Sawasdee Ka!

My name is Joy. I grew up in northeastern Thailand and I’ve always had a fascination with Thailand pendants – especially good luck pendants like I have a lot of here.

We’ve sold pendants/amulets to people from all over the world for many years… Argentina, USA, Canada, Bolivia, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Ireland, Norway, Fiji, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Hawaii, and many other places. Over 100 countries!

We only offer the nicest pendants I can get because I want happy customers. There are hundreds of pendants available at the temple, but not all of them are going to make you happy if you pay for them. In particular, we like to sell the gold and solid silver Thai pendants because they are high quality and customers are always happy to receive them. They will last forever and you can give them to your family when you pass away.

About 70% of Thai people wear amulets. I think even more overseas. These Thai Buddhas and other amulets make great gifts for Thais abroad!

All the pendants are blessed from the temple – we get pendants from a couple of temples. All pendants are guaranteed authentic and blessed. We ship from Thailand so you’ll see – we’re not pretending to be here like many Thai pendant sellers – we’re really here!

Sorry, I don’t sell any old antique Buddha or other relic pendants because it is against the law in Thailand. A special permit is required, and really, there’s no point in sending those Buddha and monk pendants out of the country. They should remain in Thailand.

If you want to order more than $100 of pendants you can write me first and see if I can discount your order a bit – it will help, right? :)

Metta friends!

:) Joy

All written content by Joy Buasi. Google+. History of Buddhist Amulets here.

If you want to know more about those featured on Thai amulets here are some major Buddhist and Hindo figures:

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