2015 Blessed Buddhist Bracelets Gallery

A collection of our colorful blessed Buddhist bracelet inventory. These images are about to go live at our new website.

Click the image to see all our blessed bracelet inventory!

We spent the entire day today just getting one new page ready for the new version of Thaiamuletsales.com which will probably be coming in about a month, maybe six weeks. There is so much to do!

Those are some of the bracelet photos we took today and were putting on a new page that isn’t quite ready for prime-time viewing and shopping. As you can see, we really took our time and focused on taking perfect images that really show the products. This takes so much time, but we really want the site to impress you with this iteration.

One of the problems we’ve had over the last six, almost seven years, was that the content on the site wasn’t updated quickly or correctly. Now with our new site we’ll be able to do it ourselves and really keep control on what is shown, the price adjustments, bonuses, coupons, and more.

Stick with us in 2015! After seven years of sharing amulets from Theravada Buddhist temples across Thailand, we’re ready to step-it-up a notch and really see how nice a shopping experience we can make for you!

Best of luck in the New Year!

With Metta,


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