16 New Thai Amulet Necklaces from Thailand Added!

NOTE – the necklace above has sold out. :P

We just added another 16 different amulet necklaces to the main necklace page here:

Thai Amulet Necklaces ->

We added some nice ones that we have never offered before, some of which we think will become buyer favorites quickly. Keep in mind that when we give away free necklaces when you purchase a Thai amulet, we are giving away a necklace that best matches your amulet, and also matches the price range of the amulet. If your amulet was under $30, you will probably receive one of the $5.95 necklaces for free. If your amulet was more, you might receive one of the others. If you buy an expensive amulet (over $60) you can choose the necklace you receive – except the two necklaces priced at $39.95 each.

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